TS SSC Nominal Rolls Online Check list Download 10th Class Public Exams Mar / April 2024

TS SSC Nominal Rolls Online Check list Download 10th Class

TS SSC Nominal Rolls Online Check list Download 10th Class Public Exams April 2024

TS SSC 2024 Online Registration process is as follows. Telangana SSC Nominal Rolls Check list April 2024 – Download For 10th NR for Regular/ Private Students. Telangana SSC/ 10th Class Nominal Rolls 2024 Download SSC NR Check list @ bse.telangana.gov.in. TS SSC Nominal Rolls Check list Download 10th Class Public Exams April 2024. Instructions for TS SSC Exam Nominal rolls Preparation ,Preparation of ssc public Exam Nominal rolls TS Exams March 2024 Nominal rolls list Preparation , Head Master instructions , Guidelines of Nominal rolls preparation , Nominal rolls software , SSC Public Examinations March-2024 OMR cum ICR forms , Preparation of OMR Sheets , Fillup OMR and ICR forms.

SSC Exam Center Software 2024: Download (Updated)

TS SSC Nominal Rolls Online Check list Download 10th Class Public Exams April 2024

Guidelines for Head Master  to Preparation of Nominal Rolls 10th Class Public Examinations April 2024 Telangana School Education Instructions to Head Masters  to Prepare Nominal Rolls and ssc exams fee particulars
1. Read the instructions printed on separate Sheets supplied to you carefully before filling the columns prescribed there in.
2. Preparation of Nominal Rolls should be entrusted to Junior Assistant or a Teacher who is familiar with the preparation of Nominal Rolls and dealing with examination work to avoid mistakes. Utmost care should be exercised while writing the candidates

  1. Name,
  2. Father’s name,
  3. Mother’s name,
  4. Date of Birth and
  5. Community Code of the candidates etc.
TS SSC Nominal Rolls Online Check list Download 10th Class Public Exams Mar / April 2022
TS SSC Nominal Rolls Online Check list Download

3. The Nominal Rolls shall be prepared separately in respect of :

  1. i. Regular Candidates and Private Once failed candidates
  2. ii. Nominal Rolls in respect of

(a) Regular Candidates
(b) Private Once failed candidates
Other than S.S.C Advanced Supplementary Examinations, April-2024 shall be prepared SEPARATELY. The names in the OMR cum ICR shall be in the same order of serial number. shown in the challan to avoid confusion and for easy verification. The category of candidates should be noted in RED INK BALL PEN on the Right side top corner of the Nominal Rolls.
4. Extracted nominal rolls in respect of candidates failed in SSC examinations are supplied in Duplicate for use in respect of the candidates who failed in SSC Public Examinations, June- 2020 and wish to appear for SSC Public Examinations May 2021. OMR cum ICR forms must be obtained from these candidates also and all such candidates must be noted in one copy of extracted Nominal Rolls and sent to the DEO concerned Second and third copy of extracted Nominal Rolls may be used if some more related candidates approach after 1st and 2nd batch sent to the DEO. However the concerned schools shall take Xerox copies of such extracted N.R and keep with them as office copy for future references.

5. Nominal Rolls pertaining to Blind, Deaf and Dumb and Ortho Physically handicapped candidates should be prepared and submitted SEPARATELY clearly superscribing in RED INK duly enclosing the original Medical certificates issued by the Medical Board in support of PH category. The code number of PH category should be necessarily be noted in the NR as per the instructions shown in the blank nominal roll format without fail. The same should be noted in the OMR cum ICR forms also as instructed on the over leaf.

6. Only such of the candidates whose disability is more than 40% as per medical certificate alone are considered as P.H. Candidates under respective categories and the benefit/concessions will be given as per rules. (G.O.Ms.No.27, dt:09-08-2000 of Women Development, Child Welfare & Disable Welfare (DW) Department.

7. Guardian’s name, or Husband’s name in case of a married women candidate should not be written in the Father’s name column, since no such provision is made in the S.S.C Scheme. Only Father’s name & Mother’s name shall be written both in OMR cum ICR and MNR.
8. Care should be taken to see that candidates of the same medium come together, followed by another medium. For example, all Telugu medium candidates come in the first order followed by English medium etc.,

9. i) After the Nominal roll is prepared, it should be verified personally by the Headmaster with reference to the Admission register, particularly the entries relating to the Candidate’s name, Father’s name & Mother’s name, Date of birth, Community Code of the Candidate. Medium of instruction and subject codes. The Headmaster is also instructed to furnish the Mobile Number of the candidate, Headmaster and Aadhar Number of the candidate at relevant columns provided in ICR forms.

ii) From March – 2020 onwards, there shall be common English Paper (III Language) for all media Candidates including English Medium Candidates. i.e. Paper-I is 13E & Paper-II is 14E.
iii) However the Once failed candidates with Old syllabus can appear the failed subjects with New syllabus for SSC Public Examinations, April 2024.
iv) The names which are on rolls of the School alone should be considered and forwarded as Regular candidates.
v) Special care shall be taken while noting the similar names of the candidates in MNR to avoid any kind of confusion.
vi) The no. of Regular candidates forwarded shall be as per the sections permitted by competent Authority only and no excess candidates shall be forwarded.
vii) Incomplete MNR form will not be accepted by this office.

10) The Manuscript Nominal Rolls of S.S.C (Academic), O.S.S.C., and S.S.C Vocational Course shall be prepared separately, as per rules, duly noting the correct codes of the subjects. The group combinations in respect of S.S.C., O.S.S.C and S.S.C., Vocational trade codes are detailed in Annexure.

11) The Headmaster should invariably fill-in and sign on the certificate printed on separate Sheet, after verification of the N.Rs and also on the OMR cum ICR form at relevant spaces provided as per the OMR cum ICR instructions given there in.
The Headmaster should affix School Stamp with full Postal address

(Like Post, Mandal, Pin Code, Phone Number)  for future correspondence.
a. The Forwarding Schools should invariably maintain one copy of the Original Manuscript Nominal Roll sent to the Director of Government Examinations and present the same before the Departmental Officers whenever asked for.

TS SSC Nominal Rolls Online Check list Download 10th Class Public Exams Mar / April 2024


1. If there is any delay in receiving the OMR cum ICR forms, the MNRs should be prepared first, basing on the admission register and OMR cum ICR forms shall be filled in accordance with MNR and following the instructions given separately for filling of OMR cum ICR forms after the receipt of the same. Action is being taken to send OMR cum ICR forms also along with other material. If not sent along with other material, the OMR cum ICR forms will be sent shortly.

2. Care should be taken to see that the particulars pertaining to the Name of the candidate, Father’s name, Mother’s name, Date of birth, subjects offered for, Community code, Medium of instruction, P.H. code etc. written in the Manuscript Nominal Rolls, the particulars in the OMR cum ICR application filled-in by the candidate and the corresponding entries in the School Admission Register must be one and the same. There should not be any difference particulars given in MNR with that of OMR cum ICR forms and School Admission Register as this will lead to complications for corrections of any mistakes in future.

3. A declaration from the parents shall also be taken for the confirmation of above particulars.

4. Identification marks mentioned in the admission register shall be verified physically before they are entered in OMR cum ICR forms in the case of regular candidates.

5. All the regular MNRs submitted by the Headmasters of schools of all managements should be countersigned by the Deputy Educational Officer concerned as per the certification of Secretary, DCEB, with reference to number of Question Papers supplied to each High School by DCEB for Quarterly and Half yearly Examinations duly verifying the school Admission register thoroughly.

How to Check TS SSC Nominal Rolls Online 2023 

Here are the steps to check the TS SSC Nominal Rolls online:

  1. Visit the official website of the Telangana Board of Secondary Education (BSE), http://bse.telangana.gov.in/.
  2. Click on the “Student Services” tab on the homepage, and then click on the “SSC NR” option.
  3. On the next page, select the district name, school name, and then the school code from the drop-down menus.
  4. After selecting the school code, a list of students who are appearing for the TS SSC exams from that school will appear on the screen.
  5. Check the details carefully, including the student’s name, father’s name, hall ticket number, and date of birth.
  6. Once you have verified the details, you can download and take a printout of the nominal roll for future reference.

Please note that the TS SSC Nominal Rolls are released by the Telangana Board of Secondary Education a few days before the start of the exams. Therefore, you may need to check the website closer to the exam dates to access the latest nominal rolls.

VOCATIONAL CANDIDATES Students Nominal Rolls Preparation

01. Single separate sheet of OMR cum ICR form designed in Violet colour is meant for Vocational course candidates both regular and private candidates. It shall only be used for Vocational candidates appearing for vocational subjects. It consists of details of the Vocational Subjects only.

02. Separate MNR has to be prepared in respect of Vocational candidates also as per the existing practice duly noting the paper code of Vocational Trade theory and practical in the remarks column. Ensure that Theory paper code which is noted in MNR and OMR cum ICR shall be one and same.

03. In the MNR the Vocational trade theory and practicals have to be necessarily noted with Red Ink ball pen without fail for easy identification in the same MNR on the extreme right side.

The Vocational Candidates have to use and fill up two types of OMR cum ICR forms as shown below

i) Pink color OMR cum ICR form – By Regular candidates for appearing FL., SL., TL., (Shown in the Box on the top of the Maths, G. Science and S.S only. (i.e other than OMR cum ICR form) Vocational subject.)
ii) Orange colour OMR cum ICR form – By private candidates for appear failed academic (Shown in the box on the top of the subjects only (other than vocational subject) OMR cum ICR form)
iii) Red colour OMR cum ICR form – For appearing only vocational subject both by regular (Shown in the box on the top of the and private, Once failed candidates if any OMR cum ICR form)
iv) The photographs affixed on both the OMR cum ICR forms must relate to one and the same candidate.

O.S.S.C CANDIDATES Nominal Rolls

01. Single separate sheet of OMR cum ICR form designed in Brown colour is meant for Regular OSSC candidates only.
02. The OMR cum ICR form designed in Green colour is meant for Regular and Private once failed OSSC candidates.
03. Prepare separate MNRs for Regular and once failed candidates.
04. Fill up the correct paper code of the subjects appearing both in MNR and OMR cum ICR form
properly and the same should tally with each other.
05. In respect of once failed candidates, correct previous Roll Number with Month & year has to be filled up both in the MNR and OMR cum ICR form.

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