APGLI New Premium Enhancement Proposal for Loans, Final Bill Payments, Covering Articles 2024

APGLI New Premium Enhancement Proposal for Loans, Final Bill Payments, Covering Articles

APGLI New premium Enhancement proposal and Loans, Final Bill Payment Application, Covering Articles / Letters 2024

APGLI Application Form 2024 for New Proposal of insurance, APGLI New Premium Enhancement Proposal for Loans, Final Bill Payments, Covering Articles 2024, Applications for APGLI Fresh, Premium Enhancement Proposal, Loan, and Final Payment with Cover Letters APGLI Covering Letter, ApGLI Common Proposal Form for New and Enhancement of Premium, Availed, Non-Availed Medical Leave Certificate, APGLI – Calculation, Loan Application, Nominee Form 3, Refund Form 12 (apart from death claim), Final Payment Affidavit (Insurance), and ApGLI Missing Credits Proforma can all be downloaded in PDF format. Get APGLI Fresh Forms Download Available here. APGLI New Premium Enhancement Proposal for Loans, Final Bill Payments. APGLI New Premium Enhancement Proposal for Loans, Final Bill Payments.

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APGLI New Premium Enhancement Proposal for Loans Issue with Policies:

  • To obtain an APGLI policy, the Employee Must fill out and Submit a proposal Form That has been properly signed and attested by his or her DDO or Head of Office after the first premium has been deducted. The proposal form must be completed with the employee’s Name, Designation, office Name, Employee ID number, Adhar Number, Mobile Number, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Nominee information, and policy number. (In the event of an upgraded policy), the base salary, the increased premium amount, and the month and year of the increase (G.O.Ms.No.124, Fin.(Admn.II) Dept., Dt.24.05.13)
  •  A subscriber who pays only the premium without submitting the proposal form will not receive any risk coverage or financial benefit; instead, these payments will be regarded as unauthorised and reimbursed in full, with no interest or bonus, upon application.
  • The APGLI’s policies never expire.This indicates that there is no option to stop paying premiums after the insurance is taken out; instead, the policy holder must continue paying them until maturity. Section 80C provides an exemption from income tax on APGLI premiums. The policy holder receives payment of the entire Sum Assured and Bonus up until the Date of Maturity in the event that the policy matures. 
  •  The subscriber will receive the Surrender Value and any Applicable Bonus if the insurance Holder decides to give up the insurance by stopping premium payments after leaving the government. Should the policyholder pass away before the policy matures, the legal heirs will get the entire Sum Assured as well as any bonuses earned up until the date of death. 

1. Enhancement Proposal Form with DDO sign
2. Good Health certificate with Assistant civil surgeon (Doctors) sign
3. Non availment of Medical leave certificate for 3 years with DDO sign….
4. Previous Bond xerox
5. Covering letter by DDO.

1. For Clearance of Missing Credits, the Subscriber has to Submit The places of Posting with Deduction Particulars Such as Month, Amount of Premium/Loan Instalment, Token Number/Voucher Number, Total Amount of APGLI Schedule Attested by the DDO.

2. In Case of Challan Remittance, the Subscriber has to Submit the places of posting with the Deduction particulars such as month, amount of Premium / Loan Instalment, Challan number. Challan amount and date Attested by DDO, Along with full details of Policy numbers and names of the employees for whom the Challan is paid.

Avoidance of Missing Credits | APGLI New Premium Enhancement Proposal for Loans

1. The Drawing Officers have to verify the correctness of the APGLI policy numbers in the schedules with reference to the policy bonds issued by the Department. If wrong Policy numbers are quoted in the schedules, the premium cannot be posted to the individual accounts and missing credits will arise.

2. The correct policy numbers once recorded in the schedules should not be changed every month.

3. The employees also have to verify the correctness of their policy numbers mentioned in the monthly schedule at least once in a year.

4. The policy number may be recorded in the first page of SR (Service Register) of the employee as a permanent record.

5. The Drawing Officers may depute the concerned Establishment Staff to The Respective District Insurance Office for updation of premiums in Case of missing Credits.

> APGLI Missing Credits Proforma  : Click Here

> Missing Credits Covering letter of the DDO : Click here

> Missing Credits Proforma Model 2 : Click here

> APGLI Primary and Other Details Change Proforma : Click here

APGLI Fresh New Loans (will be Sanctioned by the District Insurance Officer):

All the Policy Holders are Here by Requested to Submit the Following information while Submitting Applications For Sanction of Loan / Settlement of Claim Cases For Making payment Online & Sending SMS.
1) Employee I.D Number.
2) Mobile Number.
3) Xerox copy of First page of Salary Bank Account Pass Book to be enclosed to the Application

Download Loan Application Form : Click Here

APGLI Loan – Covering Letter – Click Here

♦ DDO Covering Letter
♦ Departmental Information Form
♦ Refund form no.2, duly filled in and attested by the H.O.O. (with details of Name of the employee, Nominee details, Designation, Name of the Office, employee ID No, Adhar No, Mobile No, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, policy number, )

  • Advanced stamped Receipt
  • Original policy
  • Legal heir certificate issued by the M.R.O. concerned.
  • The first page of Bank passbook Xerox copy of the nominee
  • Aadhar Card Xerox copy of the nominee
  • Death Certificate of the deceased policyholder
  • If the beneficiary is a minor the insurance amount shall be made to the guardian as declared by the civil court

Download APGLI Closure Covering Letter MEO
Download APGLI Closure Covering Letter I-HM
Download Refund Form (Other than Death Claim)
Download Refund Form (Death Claim)
Download the Departmental Information Form (For Death Claims)
Download Death Certificate (Insurance)
Download Affidavit (Insurance)
Download the Guardianship Declaration Certificate
Download Nomination Form (Insurance)
Download Indemnity Bond

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