New child care leave Application for AP Employees increases child Adoption leave to 180 days as per go ms 33

Child Care leave Application for AP Employees go ms No 33

Extended Child Care Leave for AP Employees: 180 Days Adoption & Family Care Leave | GO.33 Updates

Introducing the New Child Care Leave Application for AP Employees! Exciting news for AP teachers as child adoption leave gets extended to a generous 180 days, allowing ample time for nurturing their newly expanded families. With the implementation of GO MS 33 dated 08/03/2022, this progressive initiative aims to support employees in their journey of parenthood. The child adoption leave application process has been streamlined, ensuring a smooth experience for teachers.

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Remember, Child Care Leave (CCL) can be availed in a maximum of 10 spells, providing flexibility to manage work and family commitments effectively. Embrace the benefits of GO.33 as AP sets a milestone with its 180 days of Child Care Leave, valuing the importance of work-life balance for its dedicated workforce.

Child Care Leave 180 days 11th PRC Recommendations || GO.33 Child Care Leave 180 Days, Child Adoption Leave – Child care leave Application for AP Employees

Child Care leave Application for AP Employees Increases 6 Months as Per go ms No: 33 , AP(Women) Employees New Child Care Leave Application As Per AP GO MS 33 చైల్డ్ కేర్ లీవ్ G.O.M.S. NO:-33 ప్రకారం అప్లై చేసుకునేందుకు వీలుగా నూతనంగా తయారుచేయబడిన APPLICATION FOR CHILD CARE LEAVE Utilized.

As Per Public Services – Implementation of the 11th″ PRC- Comprehensive Leave Benefits Of Child Adoption Leave / Child Care Leave & Special Causal Leave to orthopedically Challenged/ Ex-gratia on EOL for Certain Deceases-Orders-Issued

  1. Report of the Committee of Secretaries on 11th Pay Revision Commission.
  2. Minutes of the meeting of Ministers Committee and representatives of the Employee Associations, dt.08.03.2022.
  3. O.M.No.13018/4/2004-Estt.(L),Govt of India, dt.31.03.2006.
  4. G.O.Ms.No.132, Finance (HR.IV FR&LR) Dept.,dt.06.07.2016.
  5. G.O.Ms.No.155, Finance (FR.I) Department, dt.04.05.2010.

Child Care Leave 180 Days: According to the 11th Pay Revision Commission’s recommendations, Go.33 Allows for up to 180 days of child care leave. Previously, child care leave was limited to 60 days. Go.33 Dt:08/03/2022 mentioned Leave Benefits, Child Adoptions Leave, Child Care Leave, Special Casual Leave to Orthopedically Challenged, Exgratia on EOL for children with Tuberculosis/Leprosy/Cancer/Mental Illness/Heart Diseases, and Rental Failure (Kidney Failure). The following are the complete recommendations for Go.33, Child Care Leave, CCL, and the 11th PRC.

Quick Overview of Go.33 Child Care Leave

  • Go.33 Dt:08/03/2022 Regarding Child Care Leave and CCL for Single Male Employee
  • Increased to Child Adoption Leave To 180 Days
  • Number CCL to Single Male Employees :180 Days
  • Ex-gratia for Certain Deceases upto Max: Rs.17780/-
  • New vchild care leave Application for AP Employees

According to the 11th PRC Recommendations and Report of the Committee of Secretaries headed by the Chief Secretary, the following leave benefits are granted to AP State Government employees.

Child Adoption Leave

The AP government has approved up to 180 days of child adoption leave for female government employees with fewer than two surviving children. If she legally adopts a child under the age of one year. Subject to the same conditions, the government hereby grants up to 15 days of paternity leave to ‘single’ male Employees (unmarried/widower/divorcee) within 6 months of child adoption.

  • During the period of child adoption leave, he or she will be paid a leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately prior to leaving.
  • Child adoption leave can be combined with any other type of leave.
  • This facility is not available to adoptive mothers who have two surviving children at the time of adoption.

Special Causal Leave to orthopedically challenged and Nursing Staff:

Government hereby orders to sanction Special Casual Leave upto seven (7) days in a yr for Orthopedically Challenged employees needing to alter prosthetic alds. Same period of Special Casual Leave has additionally been sanctioned for Nursing staff working in excessive risk ward.

 Ex-gratia on EOL for certain deceases:

 The government, in accordance with the PRC’s recommendations, occasionally raises the limits of ex-gratia allowance in respect of Non-Gazetted Government Servants and Government Servants In Last Grade Service, while on extraordinary leave for therapy for Tuberculosis/Leprosy/Cancer/Mental Illness/Heart Diseases and Renal (Kidney) failure, by issuing necessary modifications to Note (4) under Rule 28 and Note (4) The ex-gratia allowance is equal to half of the pay, subject to the infrequently specified minimal and maximum limits.

6.2 The Government, after careful consideration of the report of the 11th Pay Revision Commission and the report of the Committee of Secretaries chaired by the Chief Secretary, hereby orders the revision of the grant limits.

  • AP Employees New Child Care Leave Application as Per AP GO MS 33: Click Here
  • Download New child care leave Application for AP Employees: Click Here

FAQ For New Child care leave Application for AP Employees


In this comprehensive FAQ guide, we will provide you with essential information regarding the recent updates to child care leave policies for Andhra Pradesh (AP) employees, particularly teachers. The new provisions include an extended child adoption leave duration of 180 days and guidelines for availing of Child Care Leave (CCL) in AP. We’ll address frequently asked questions and provide clear answers to help you understand these changes effectively.

1. What is the significance of the new Child Care Leave policy for AP Employees?

The new policy brings about crucial amendments to child care leave, offering AP employees, especially teachers, the opportunity to take extended leave for child adoption and child care purposes.

2. What does the AP Teachers’ child adoption leave extension to 180 days entail?

AP Teachers can now avail an increased child adoption leave of 180 days, facilitating more time for them to care for their newly adopted child.

3. What is GO Ms. 33, dated 08/03/2022, related to Child Care Leaves?

GO Ms. 33, dated 08/03/2022, outlines the specific guidelines and provisions for Child Care Leaves in AP, enabling employees to understand how they can utilize this benefit effectively.

4. How can employees apply for Child Adoption Leave?

Employees seeking Child Adoption Leave can follow the official application process provided by their respective authorities. Detailed instructions can be found in the official documentation.

5. Is there a limit to the number of spells for availing Child Care Leave (CCL)?

Yes, employees can avail Child Care Leave in a maximum of 10 spells, ensuring flexibility while managing their child care responsibilities.

6. What is the duration of Child Care Leave according to GO.33?

As per GO.33, employees in AP can now avail a Child Care Leave duration of up to 180 days, signifying a substantial extension of the previous leave period.

7. How does the new policy benefit AP employees?

The new policy acknowledges the importance of work-life balance for employees, particularly teachers. It empowers them with more time for child adoption and care, reducing the stress associated with juggling work and family responsibilities.

8. Are there any specific eligibility criteria for availing Child Care Leave?

The eligibility criteria for Child Care Leave in AP may be outlined in the official documentation. Typically, it is available to female employees and can also be extended to male employees under certain circumstances.

9. Can Child Care Leave be availed consecutively for the entire 180 days?

Yes, employees have the flexibility to avail Child Care Leave for the full 180 days in a consecutive manner, provided they meet the eligibility criteria and adhere to the official application process.

10. How can employees stay updated on any future changes to the Child Care Leave policy?

Employees can regularly check official government websites, circulars, and notifications for any updates or modifications to the Child Care Leave policy in AP.


The new Child Care Leave policies for AP employees, including the extended child adoption leave and increased CCL duration, mark a significant step towards promoting employee well-being and work-life balance. By providing comprehensive answers to these frequently asked questions, we hope to clarify the key aspects of this policy update for your convenience.

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