AP Summer Holidays 2023 AP Schools Summer Vacation to 1st to 9th Students & Teachers May 20th

AP Summer Holidays 2023 AP Schools Summer Vacation to 1st to 9th Students & Teachers

AP Summer Holidays 2023 AP Schools Summer Vacation to 1st to 9th Students & Teachers May 4th

AP Summer Holidays 2023 Andhra Pradesh State government has Announced the AP School Summer Holidays Calendar 2023 from 30-04-2023 to 11-06-2023. The Reopening Day of Schools is July 4. The last working day of the School Academic year 2023-24 is April 29. AP Half Day Schools Starts From 15-03-2023

AP Summer Holidays 2023 AP Schools Summer Vacation to 1st to 9th Students & Teachers May 20th Andhra Pradesh State government has announced summer holidays for AP schools from May 4 to July 20, 2023. The last working day of the academic year 2023-24 was May 4. Next Schools Strat on 4th July 2023 for Academic year 2023-24. PROCEEDINGS OF THE COMMISSIONER OF SCHOOL EDUCATION, A.P. VIJAYAWADA Present: Sri S. Suresh Kumar, IAS. Rc. No. 24/A&I/2023 Dated: 23/04/2023. AP School Education – School Academic Calendar 2023– 24 Functioning   of  Schools During the Academic year 2023-24 – Declaring summer vacation during the year 2023-24 – Certain Instructions – Issued. 

AP Schools Summer Vacation to 1st to 9th Students & Teachers May 20th

  • 1.  Govt. Memo. No. ESE01-SEDNOCSE/784/2023-PROG-II, dt.14.08.2024.
  • 2.  This  office  Memo No.151/AI/2023, dt.14.08.2023 (Reopening of the schools instructions)
  • 3.  School Academic Calendar 2023-24.
  • 4.  Govt. Memo No.ESE01-SEDNOCSE/784/2023, dt.07.12.2023.
  • 5.  This office Memo No.151/A缩I/2020, dt.05.03.2023.
  • 6.  Lr Rc.  No.  Spl/DGE/2023-1, dated: 4-4-2023 of the Director, Govt. Examinations, A.P., Vijayawada
  • 7.  Lr. Rc.  No.  APOSS-14022/2/2023-Exam/Inter-APOSS, dt:  6-4-2023 of the Director, A.P. Open School Society, Guntur
  • 8.  The Controller of Examinations, Board of Intermediate Education, A.P. Guntur
  • 9.  This office Proc. Rc.No. ESE02/983/2023-SCERT      Dated:13.04,2023.
  • 10.AP Integrated Educational Service Rules.

Summer Holidays for AP Schools

The attention of all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and District Educational Officers is invited to the references, and they are informed that, in the reference 1st read above, Government has issued orders for the reopening of all classes in all schools w.e.f. 16.08.2023 for the academic year 2023-24 in the state   strictly following the Standards Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the Government.  Accordingly, vide reference 2 read above all the DEOs / RJDSEs were requested to reopen schools w.e.f. 16.08.2023 and run the schools duly following the Sop’s and availability of infrastructure.

Name of Holidays AP School Summer Holidays 2023
Title Summer Holidays to AP Schools 2023
Subject AP School Education Department has announced Summer Holidays to AP Schools 2023
Last working day 05-05-2023
Summer Holidays 06-05-2023 to 03-07-2024 (For Students)
Summer Holidays (Teachers) 04-05-2023 to 20-07-2023 (For Students)
School reopening day 04-07-2023
Proceedings Rc.No.24, Dated: 23/04/2023

In the 3rdread above instructions were issued regarding Academic Calendar for the year 2023-24duly prescribing 188 working days due to the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic at that time and stipulated the last working day as 30th   April 2023.   Most days, schools run with alternate classes.

Govt.  in the reference 4th read above  have accorded permission to run all classes daily   instead   of alternate days, as no.  of  COVID  cases declined, subject  to maintaining  social   distance   and keeping   alternate seats.  Later in the ref. 5th cited, all DEOs / RJDSEs were requested  to issue necessary instructions to  all   HMs of  all   Management Schools   in their Respective Districts to Run All Classes in all Schools  Daily with  Full Strength Duly following the COVID Appropriate Behavior.

Summer Holidays 2023 for Schools from May 6th to 9th Students in AP

In  the  ref. 6th  read  above,  instructions  were  issued,  to  conduct  the Summative  Assessment-II  Examinations   for  classes  I  to  IX  during   the period from 22.04.2023 to 04.05.2024 and the answer sheets  shall be evaluated, and the marks shall be disseminated to students soon after completion of the examination. Further, the baseline assessment in respect of English  language  and vocabulary is proposed  on 5 th  May 2023. Therefore  it is decided  to run schools  for the students  up to 05th  May 2023 duly  declaring   the  summer vacation to the  students  only  from  06th  May 2023.

Further, it is informed that some of teachers  are  drafted  for  SSC Public  Examinations / AP Open School  / Intermediate  Examinations,  and some  teachers are  engaged  with  the  evaluation  of  SA  2 answer scripts, posting of marks online, preparation of promotion lists  etc.,

In view  of the  above  circumstances, it is decided to run the schools under all managements up to 20th May 2023 for the teachers to take  up the  following  activities viz.

  • (i)  to evaluate the  answer  scripts  of the  SA-II Examinations,
  • (ii)  to upload the marks  in online,
  • (iii)  to prepare  promotion lists,
  • (iv)  to take  admissions of the  students   for  the  next  Academic  year 2023-24
  • (v) to look after the Nadu Nedu works and to attend other  works assigned  by the government time to time.

After availing of 6 weeks of long vacation (summer vacation) as per the Rule 134 A.P.  Educational Rules 1966, the    schools will be re-opened on 4th July 2023 under all managements for the Academic year 2023-24.

Therefore, all the Regional Joint Directors   of School Education   and District Educational Officers in the State are requested to take necessary action accordingly.  These instructions should be followed scrupulously.

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