TS PRC GO 2021 Telengana Revised Master Scale DA HRA CCA AAS Rates (pdf) – Bill Software

Telangana PRC GO’s 2021 TS Pay Revision Master Scale, DA, HRA Rate, CCA, AAS Rates GO Download in pdf – Bill Software

TS PRC GO 2021 Telengana Revised Master Scale (New Scale of Pay) DA HRA CCA AAS Rates (pdf) – Bill Software : TS PRC GO 2021 Telangana PRC Govt Orders in 11th TS RPS 2021. Telangana 11th PRC 2021 GO’s and TS RPS information. Eleventh PRC GO’s were Issued in 2021. As we are waiting for the release of G.O’s, at last, the Telangana government on 25th March 2021 released G.O’s pertaining to the implementation of the 11th Pay Revision commission for government employees, Teachers and retired staff.

Telangana PRC GO 2021 Telengana Revised Master Scale DA HRA CCA AAS Rates (pdf)

Telangana PRC G.O’s were regarding Dearness Allowance (New DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Automatic Advancement Scheme (AAS) and City Compensatory Allowance(CCA). However, these G.O’s were regarding revised pay of working employees and Teachers. Telangana State Government needs to release separate orders on other allowances, automatic advancement schemes, pensioners and pensionary benefits.

TS PRC GO 2021 Telengana Revised Master Scale DA HRA CCA AAS Rates (pdf)
Telengana Revised Master Scale DA HRA CCA AAS Rates

Employees Motor Car Advance, Motor Cycle/ Scooter, Moped  Advance,Bicycle Advance,Marriage Advance, Personal Computer Advance,Festival Advance,Special Festival Advance,Education Advance Deails GO Released.

Main Key points of these Telangana PRC GO’s are:

  • Master scales from Rs.19000/ – Rs.162070 with revised salaries will continue with 80 segments and 32 Grades. 30.392 DA availed up to July 1st, 2018 will add in their scale.
  • PRC GO’s of employees will be released for Telangana State.
  • Employees in grade between 1 – 32 are eligible for stagnation increments.
  • Employee can do their pay fixation from the date of 01-07-2018.
  • The increment date should not exceed 30th June 2018.

Telangana Employees PRC Salary Calculate Software 2021 New
TS PRC Scale of Pay 2021 ( PRC Master Scale) Download
Telangana PRC 30% Fitment New Basic Pay Online Calculator

Pay Fixation of PRC 2021 GO release soon may be as follows

  • PRC effected : 01.07.2018.
  • Notional Amount : from 01.07.2018 to 31.03.2020
  • Monitor Benefit : from 01.04.2020 to 30.03.2020 m(PF/ CPS Adjustment)
  • Cash : from 01.04.2021

TS 2021 PRC DA Rates (Central DA Rates = State DA Conversion Factor)

  • Jan 2019 =3% (3×0.91)= 2.73%
  • Jul 2019 =5% (5×0.91)= 4.55%
  • Jan 2020 =4% (4×0.91)= 3.64%
  • Jul 2020 =4% (4×0.91)= 3.64%
  • Jan 2021 =4% (4×0.91)= 3.64%

HRA Rate Change in prc 2021

  • 30% HRA Reduce to 24%
  • 20% HRA Reduce to 17%
  • 14.5% HRA Reduce to 12%
  • 12% HRA Reduce to 11%

Telangana Pay Revision Scale GO’s Download below

GO Number TS PRC 2021 GOs Details
Master Scale GO No Main PRC GO – Revised Pay Scales – New Scales Attached Download
DA Rate GO Reduction of DA in TS PRC Download
HRA GO HRA Rates in Telangana PRC 2021 Download
CCA GO CCA Rates in PRC 2021 Download
TS PRC Software 2021  Prepared by Putta Srinivas Reddy Download
PRC Software 2021  Prepared by C Ramanjaneyulu Download
PRC 2021 Software  Cheraku Keshava Reddy Download
Memo.68 PRC 2021  Procedural Instructions – Audit of Claims Download
Memo.68 PRC 2021  Pay Fixation Illustration Download
Pensioners GO Consolidated Pension Revision for Pensioners Download
GO House Building Advance Enhanced to State Govt.Employees Download
AAS GO AAS/Automatic Advancement Scheme Implementation Guidelines Download
Loan & Advance GO Loans and Advances- Other Advances to State Govt. Employees Download
AHRA GO Additional HRA to TS Employees Download
Special Pay GO Special Pays to TS Employees Download
TGLI GO TGLI New Slab Rates Monthly Premium Deductions Download

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