PRC Pay Fixation Software 2021 (2020) for TS Employees and Teachers – Full Version New Bill Prepare Excel Sheet

PRC Pay Fixation Software 2021 for TS Employees and Teachers - Bill Prepare Excel Sheet

Telangana Employees PRC 2021 Pay Fixation Software – Arrears Bill Prepare Excel Sheet – C Ramanjaneyulu (Final Version)

Final Version PRC Pay Fixation Software 2021 (2020) for TS Employees and Teachers – New Bill Prepare Excel Sheet by C Ramanjaneyulu: TS PRC Arrears Calculation Software Developed by C.Ramanajenyulu from Telangana PRC Arrears Calculate Software is working in Mobile and Desktop Version. TS PRC 2021 Employees SGT, School Assistant, LFL HM and Headmaster Pay Fixation Software, Know New Basic in PRC 2021. Telangana PRC 2021 – 2020 Pay Fixation Software and PF, CPS Arrears Calculator.

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Telangana PRC 2021 Pay Fixation Software and Arrears Calculator. TS Teachers New Pay Calculation Sheet in PRC 2021. Employees Pay Fixation Calculation PRC-2018 Telangana. Know Employees New Basic Pay in PRC 2021.

How to Calculate Telangana Employees PRC New Basic Pay (Full Version Software)

Basic pay as on Option Date (old PRC 2015): 26600 – (1)
DA Rate on 01-07-2018 : 30.392% (26600*30.392%) = 8084 – (2)
Government Announced Fitment: 30% ( 26600*30%) = 7980 – (3)
New Basic = 26600+8084+7980=43490 (Near By Scale Pay)


20920-660-22900-690-24970-720-27130-750-29380-830- 31870-940-34690-1030-37780-1110-41110-1190-44680-1280-48520-1400- 52720-1500-57220-1630-62110-1730-67300-1850-72850-1990-78820- 2140-85240-2270-92050-2420-99310-2560-106990-2760-115270-2960- 124150-3160-133630-3420-147310-3690-162070.

Telangana PRC 2021 Pay fixation Separate Three Parts (Below shown)

Notional PART – I : Total of Notional from 01-07-2018 to 31-03-2020
PF / CPS Adjustment PART -II : Total of Adjustment to PF/CPS for the period from 01-04-2020 to 31-03-2021
Cash PART – III : Paid in cash from 01-04-2021 on wards

Bill period upto : May 2021 (approximately)

How to TS PRC Pay Fixation process Video (Official Bill Prepare Video)

PRC Calculation Detail Amount
Basic Pay as on 1st July 2018 Basic Salary 20050
DA as on 1st July 20218 30.392% 6094
Fitment will be announced by the government 30% 6015
Total Basic Pay + DA + Fitment 32159
Pay Fixed at as on July 2018 as per the proposed scales 32810

11th P.R.C Pay fixation software 2021 (2020):

To fix the Pay & Scale in R.P.S-2021 the employees have been required following

  • Service Register
  • Surrender Leave details (from July 2018) if any.
  • Promotion/ F.R 22B fixation details if any.
  • AAS (6/12/18/24) bills from July 2018 (if any)

Revised Master Scale DA, HRA , CCA, AAS Rates Download
Telangana Employees PRC Salary Calculate Software 2021
TS PRC Scale of Pay 2021 ( PRC Master Scale) Download
Telangana PRC 30% Fitment New Basic Pay Online Calculator

Required Submit Forms for Pay Fixation RPS 2021

  • PRC fixation Statement form – Annexure,
  • DDO Proceedings,
  • Proceedings
  • Bill table
  • Option Form
  • Appendex 1 & 2
  • APTC Form 47
  • PF / CPS Arrears Adjustment Form
  • Account Statement
  • APTC Form 49

Telangana Employees Pay Fixation Software Downlaod C Ramanjaneyulu (Unlock Final Version)
TS Pay Fixation Software Downlaod Putta Srinivas Reddy
Vijay Kumar Telangana PRC 2021  Pay fixation Software (final version)

Note : Friends, Please give me Suggestions and Modifications, your comments in below comment box for modification of the TS PRC Arrears 2021 Software. Share to Your Friends.

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  1. Sir,
    I have doubts about PAY FIXATION SOFTWARE.
    1) TS increment is not being shown in PART 2 and PART 3 table. It shows only in PART 1 Table.
    2)DA values and gross total values are not tallied with actually we drawn in PART 2 and part3.
    Please clarify.




  3. reached maximum of a pay scale and in RPS 2020, the total emoluments exceeded maximum of the given pay scale ( which the maximum is 137050 ).
    he will be fixed at 137050/-. The remaining amount will be shown as personal pay.
    so please prepare the software for these cases too.

  4. Sanjeev Pandit

    In appendix-I, the revised scale of pay 2020 column no. 10 the new scale is not showing. please check it once.

  5. Chaman Singh

    The new HRA rates are incorporated in the soft wear.sir is final or till under updating

    Chaman singh, warangal

  6. Dear Sir in PART – II Diffrence bill not shown in annexure ..please currect it sir…we are thanks a lot for your softwhare

  7. Patlolla Srikanth Reddy

    Pl sir give edit option for PRC 2020 pay fix software. There are grammatical mistakes in the proceedings. in our department there is uniform allowances and upkeep allowances, and risk allowances. these allowances could not be fill in the software. Hence, give edit option. otherwise it is of no use.

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