Telanganaku Haritha Haaram – Haritha Patashala ,Proc.77, Operation Guidelines

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Telanganaku Haritha Haaram – Haritha  Patashala ,Proc.77, Operation Guidelines

Implementation of the initiative of the Government of
Telangana by the Department of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad.

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Director of School Education:

  • Overall planning, coordination and management.
  • Development of training modules
  • Chaking out training programmes on Haritha Haram to
    teachers /school management committees/students
  • Internal and external communication with all the Region
    level/Districts level officers, media etc.
  • Coordination with State level agencies involved, viz.
    Forest Department.
  • Orientation and training programmes.

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Role of RJD/DEO:

  • Ensuring planning and implementation of the plantation in
    all schools in his jurisdiction
  • Conducting training programmes on Haritha Haram to teachers
    /school management committees/students
  • Engagement of consultants/experts for plantation/landscaping
    designing for undertaking implementation.
  • Coordination with local offices of the Forest Department
  • Organizing of plantation drives involving schools, local
    community etc.
  • Documentation of the progress of work at
    State/Regional/District level. 

Role of Head Master and Teachers

  • Ensuring planning and implementation of the plantation in
    their respective school along with school management committees
  • Ensuring watering of plants and watch & ward.
  • Identification areas in the school for plantation and
  • Coordination with local office of the Forest
  • Organizing of plantation drive involving all the students of
    their school.
  • Reviving of National Green Corps.
  • Weekly one period will be earmarked as ‘Green Period’ and it
    will be incorporated in the Academic Calendar.
  • Documentation of the progress of work at Divisional /Mandal

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Role of Students

  • To participate in the plantation drive conducted in their
  • Motivate fellow students to participate actively in the
    plantation drives
  • Every student shall adopt one plant and take care of its
    watering and proper growth. 


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