Primary School Academic Calendar 2023-24 | AP Schools 1st to 5th Class Lesson Plans

Primary School Academic Calendar | AP Schools 1st to 5th Class Lesson Plans

Primary School Academic Calendar 2023-24

AP Primary School Academic Calendar 2023-24 | AP Schools 1st to 5th Class Lesson Plans. Govt of AP has released the Proposed Academic Calendar for Primary Schools. AP Schools proposed to start on 12th June 2023. A Number of Working days 220, Dasara Holidays, Sankranthi Holidays Dates Released. AP Primary Schools Class wise Time Table, Subject Standard Weightage, and Complete Details Announced by School Education.

SSC Exam Center Software 2024: Download (Updated)

Primary School Academic Calendar 2023-24 | AP Schools 1st to 5th Class Lesson Plans

AP Schools for the Academic Year 2023-24. Reopen on 12th June 2023. AP Education Department has Released the Academic Calendar for Primary Schools for the Academic Year 2023-24. Download and Check AP Schools Holidays, Working Days, FA1, FA2, FA3, FA 4, SA1, and SA2 Exam Dates from the below Available.

AP Schools 1st to 5th Class Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans for Classes 1st to 5th in AP Schools can vary Depending on the Curriculum and Specific Requirements Set by the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Educational Research and Training (APSCERT). Primary School Academic Calendar However, here are some General Guidelines and Components That are Commonly Included in lesson plans:

  1. Lesson Title: Each lesson plan starts with a clear and descriptive title that reflects the topic or theme of the lesson.
  2. Lesson Objectives: Clearly state the specific objectives or learning outcomes that students are expected to achieve by the end of the lesson. These objectives should align with the curriculum standards and focus on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be developed.
  3. Prior Knowledge Activation: Provide activities or questions to activate students’ prior knowledge or introduce the lesson’s topic in a meaningful and engaging way. This helps students connect new information to their existing understanding.
  4. Instructional Materials and Resources: List the materials, resources, textbooks, worksheets, multimedia, or any other instructional aids required for the lesson. Ensure that they are readily available and accessible to both the teacher and students.
  5. Lesson Introduction: Introduce the lesson by providing an overview or context of the topic. This could involve a brief discussion, a relevant story, or an engaging question to capture students’ attention and generate interest.
  6. Teaching Strategies and Activities: Outline the teaching strategies, methods, and activities that will be used to facilitate student learning. These can include lectures, demonstrations, discussions, group work, hands-on activities, multimedia presentations, or any other suitable approaches.
  7. Assessment and Evaluation: Specify how students’ understanding and progress will be assessed during the lesson. This could involve formative assessments, quizzes, worksheets, observations, or other methods to gauge students’ learning and provide feedback.
  8. Differentiation and Inclusion: Consider the diverse Needs and Abilities of Students in the Class and include Strategies to Accommodate Different learning Styles, provide Additional Support For Struggling Students, and extend the learning for advanced students.
  9. Closure and Summary: End the lesson by Summarizing the Key Points and Concepts Covered. Reinforce the lesson objectives and ensure students understand the main takeaways.
  10. Homework or Follow-up Activities: Assign Relevant Homework or Follow-up Activities That Allow Students to Apply and Reinforce their learning outside of the Classroom.

Andhra Pradesh Primary School Academic Calendar 2023-24

Primary School Academic Calendar  2023 -2024 | 1st to 5th Class Wise & Academic Standard Wise Weightage Table and Primary Schools Time Table are Given below. Dasara and Pongal Sankranthi Holidays for Primary Schools for 2023. Primary Schools Time Table for 2023-2024. The month Wise Number of working Days For Primary Schools For the 2023 – 2024 Academic Year is Given in The Below image File. Elementary Schools Tentative Academic Calendar for the 2023 – 2024 Academic year.

FA 1, 2, 3, sa1, sa2 Exam Dates 2023

Assessment Name Dates
FA-1/ CBA 1 Aug 1-4
FA-2 Oct 3-6, 2023
SA-1 Nov 4-10, 2023
FA-3/CBA 2 Jan 3-6, 2023
FA-4 Feb 23-27, 2023
SSC Pre-final Feb 23-29, 2023
SA-2/CBA 3 Apr 11-20, 2023

List of Holidays for Schools for 2023

Dasara Holidays from 14-10-2023 to 24-10-2023
Christmas (Missionary Schools): 17-12-2023 to 26-12-2024
Pongal Holidays: 09-01-2024 to 18-01-2024

Holiday Start Date End Date
Dasara 14-10-2023 24-10-2023
Christmas 17-12-2023 26-12-2023
Pongal 09-01-2024 18-01-2024

AP Primary School Month Wise Teaching Plan 2023-24 1-5th Year Wise Lesson Plans 1st Class Year Plans, Month Plans, 2nd Class Year Plans, 3rd Class Year Plans, 4th Class Year Plans, 5th Class Year Plans for Telugu, English, Mathematics, EVS Download. List of Month Wise activities for 1-5th Classes.

The list of Holidays for Schools for 2023-2024 is as follows:

Dasara Holidays from 14th Oct to 24th Oct 2023 (11 Days)
Christmas Holidays from 17th Dec 2023 to 26th Dec 2023 for Missionary Schools
Pongal Holidays from 9th Jan to 18th Jan, 2023

Download the Primary School Academic Calendar
Month-wise Teaching Plan Download
1st to 5th Class Timetable Download

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