APSCERT Textbooks (1st to 10th) 2023 (Revised Syllabus) Up and Primary Classes Textbooks PDF in EM, UM, TM

APSCERT Textbooks 2022

APSCERT Textbooks 2023 (Revised Syllabus) – Download 1st to 10th Class Textbooks PDF in EM, UM, TM:

APSCERT Textbooks  2023 -2024 Andhra Pradesh State Council of Educational Research & Training (APSCERT) has Developed the Academic Textbooks For the Classes 1st to 10th Class. APSCERT Textbooks are copy Righted. Desirous Students Can Download These Textbooks and use as Reference for Studying.

AP SCERT Revised Text Books EM & TM for Download in Pdf file. AP 1st Class, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Class English Medium Text Books PDF Download, Subject wise and English Medium Text Books PDF. Download 1st, 2nd Class, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Class Work Books, APSCERT All Classes New Syllabus Text Books 2023-24.

APSCERT Textbooks 2023 (Revised Syllabus) – Download 1st to 10th Class Textbooks PDF in EM, UM, TM

APSCERT Textbooks 2023 The Article Gives you Detailed information About 1st to 10th Class Textbooks of APSCERT Textbooks 2023. Textbooks are Available in English Medium, Telugu medium, and Urdu medium. Students can download the textbook of the desired class. APSCERT Textbooks 2023-2024 , APSCERT Textbooks Free to Download them   absolutely Free of cost to our website www.teachernews.in Candidates Can Also get the Textbooks for Classes 1st to 10th From the official website of APSCERT, i.e. https://apscert.gov.in/

APSCERT Textbooks 2023:

What is the use of an E-book?

E-book is nothing but an electronic version of the printed book. E-book can be readable on mobile, computer or a handheld device. Electronic books can be readable digitally on a computer screen or on a mobile screen or in a specific book reader or on the tablet. Students can open e-books anytime on their mobile or on personal computers.

Rather than purchasing textbooks, downloading and reading e-books is made very easy nowadays. It also reduces the burden of a poor student in purchasing the original version of the printed textbook. Here e-books from 1st to 10th Class of APSCERT Textbooks 2023 is available.

Textbooks are Primary source of preparing to exams for any class. Even we are having so many online mode of preparations, textbooks are the primary resource. Andhra Pradesh State Council of Educational Research & Training had released the textbooks for all the classes from 1st to 10th Class. Students can download the textbook and read all the chapters in each and every unit carefully to get a good score in the examination.

Andhra Pradesh State Council of Educational Training (APSCERT) had released the APSCERT Textbooks in English, Hindi and Urdu Medium for the sake of students. SCERT, AP Textbooks will cover all the syllabus prescribed by the Andhra Pradesh State Government in each and every class.


The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) Andhra Pradesh, was established on 27-07-1967, amalgamating the following institutions.
1. The State Institute of Education.
2. The State Bureau of Educational and Vocational Guidance
3. The State Science Education Unit.
4. The State Evaluation Unit.

Functions of APSCERT:

  • Preparation of curriculum, Syllabus, instructional Material for Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary and Alternative Systems of Education.
  • Development of evaluation procedures and material, which are helpful to the practicing teachers.
  • Bridging gaps between the methods and techniques advocated in training and the actual classroom practices.
  • Dissemination of knowledge relating to improved methods and techniques to be followed by Educational institutions.
  • Coordination with national and international Organization In academic programs.
  • Resource support to implement the Academic Policies laid down by the Government.
  • Organization of orientation programs for the professional growth of teachers, teachers-educators, supervisor etc.
  • Publication of journals, Periodicals, and Books.
  • To develop new courses in Teacher Education.
  • To frame and revise the curriculum of teacher Education courses periodically.
  • To conduct teacher education courses to untrained teachers through distance mode.
  • The different departments of SCERT have taken up activities to gear to the functions of the organization. The functions of the various departments in the recent past are detailed in the fourth Coming page.

How to Download the APSCERT Textbooks?

  • Visit the Official Website, www.apscert.gov.in
  • Click on the e-books option available on the Home Page
  • In the eBooks menu, click on the respective class you are studying
  • In the class section, select the textbook concerning the subject you want to download, and along with that select the medium of textbook you need, i.e. English, Urdu or Hindi medium
  • Textbook will be downloaded in ZIP Format
  • Textbook Contains All the Chapters and Units
  • Candidates Can Download the Textbook and Read the book whenever they want because it is an online source.

APSCERT Class 10 English Medium Textbooks

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