GO 373 AP Revenue Common disciplinary proceedings under Rule 24 of Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (CCA) Rules

AP GO 373 Date 05-10-2015 Common disciplinary proceedings under Rule 24 of Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (CCA) Rules, 1991 – Sanction – Accorded

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Revenue (vigilance -III.2) Department G.O.MS.No. 373 Dated:05.10.2015 

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  1. Vigilance Report No.125 T. No 1463/D1/2011 & C.No.134/D1/13 
  2. Dated:29.11.2013 (C.No.2692/D1/12, 2946/D1/11, 1262/D1/12,3126/D1/12,41/D1/12, 831/D1/12, 2638/D1/11, 182/D1/12, 1134/D1/12, 2841/D1/12, 2800/D1/12
 Whereas, the Government Servants specified below are jointly concerned in a 
disciplinary case pertaining to have failed to perform their legitimate duties and 
committed grave irregularity/Misappropriation of Government funds in distribution of 
input subsidy in “Jal-cyclone” during October/November-2010 to the small 
and marginal farmers whose crops was damaged/affected due to heavy rains /floods (Jal Cyclone) in East Godavari, Krishna and Prakasam Districts. 
  1. (1) Smt. S.Subha Lakshmi, Tahsildar, Ballikurva Mandal, Prakasam District (Retired) 
  2. (2) Sri Rachuri Siva Rao, Tahsildar, Vijayawada Urban, earlier worked as Tahsildar Gannavaram (M), Krishna District. 
  3. Sri Merega Babu Rao, Tahsildar, Totlavalluru Mandal, Krishna District. 
  4. D. Sobha Kumari, the then Tahsildar, Kajuluru Mandal, East Godavari District. 
  5. Sri Narala Venkata Rao, VRO, Jagannadhagiri (V), Kajalure (M) East Godavari District 
  6.  Sri Y.S.S. Prakash Rao, VRO Kuyyure(V), Kajalure Mandal, East Godavari District. (Retired) 
  7. Sri Vaka Sivaganapathi, VRO, Purushotham (V), Gannavaram Mandal, Krishna District. 
  8.  Sri Katuri Basava Rao, Vallurupurvam (V), Thotlavallur Mandal, Krishna District. 
  9. Sri Mareddi Ravi, VRO, Devapally (V), Totlavalluru Mandal, Krishna District. 
  10. Sri Seelam Ramana Rao, VRO, Royyure (V), Totlavallure Mandal, Krishna  District. 
2. Now therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred under sub-rule (1) and (2) 
of Rules 24 of the Andhra Pradesh Civil Services Classification, Control and Appeal) 
Rules 1991, the disciplinary authority hereby directs:- 
  1. (i) That the disciplinary action against the above said Government Servants shall be taken in common proceedings. 
  2. (ii) That the Principal to Government, Revenue (CT, Excise & R&S) Department shall function as the disciplinary authority for the purpose of the common proceedings and shall be competent to impose the penalties u/r 9 of the APCS (CC&A) Rules 1991. 
  3. (iii) That the procedure prescribed in Rule 20 of the APCS (CC&A) Rules 1991 shall be followed in the said proceedings.

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