District Best Teacher Award Application Form 2023 Weightage of Marks Guidelines (Points)- Selection list

District Best Teacher Award Application Form, Weightage of Marks Guidelines (Points)- Selection list with Teacher Names in DEO website

District Best Teacher Award Application Form 2023 Weightage of Marks Guidelines (Points)- Selection list

District Best Teacher Award Application Form 2023 – weightage of Marks Guidelines (Points) – Selection list: How to Apply District Best Teacher Award Application form? AP District Best Teacher Awards 2023, Guidelines, Application form, Selection process. District Best Teacher Awards, District Best Teacher Awards Application, District Best Teachers Awards Selection list released at DEO Official website.

Andhra Pradesh State District Level Best Teacher Awards 2023 Notification released by the DEO Officials is inviting Applications From Eligible Teachers for Awarding the district best teacher award in the AP State. District Best Teachers Awards 2023 Notification Application Form, Certificate of Antecedents and Character, Proforma for Recommending the Teachers for Best Teacher Awards. District Best Teacher Awards Application Form Selection Process weightage of Marks Guidelines Points Proposal for Recommendation Best Teacher in District.

District Best Teacher Award Application Form 2023 – Weightage of Marks Guidelines (Points) – Selection list

Weightage of marks taken into account for selection

  1. Training is given to children to creative interest regarding co-curricular activities and Computers
  2. Training children in order to create interest in co-curricular/extracurricular/ sports/Games/Debate/Quiz/Drama and to make the children participate in the competitions
  3. Contribution of the teacher to the Physical development of the school
  4. Innovative writing useful to students, printing of bilks and author of text books and publication of articles at
  5. Qualifications- PG/M.Phil/Ph.D
  6. Length of Service (Minimum 15 years)
  7. Subject Percentage of Passes in the subjects taught (SSC)
  8. Special work done to raise the enrolment of the school (Out of School children)
  9. Documentary evidence for enrollment with Admission No.s duly countersigned by the concerned officer
  • Teachers have to prepare a profile with a brief page wise& subheading narration covering the above points under sub-headings
  • Spiral binding having an above application on the cover page for giving marks by the committee
  • Photos to be scanned. Original photos Need Not be Pasted
  • Teachers Having below 15 years of service Need Not Apply
  • Submit Through HM&MEO/DyE.O concerned

Submit Certificate of Antecedents and Character


The details for the assessment of the work of the Teachers for selection by the Inspecting Officer are given below:
1. Name of the Teacher. :
2. Father/Husband Name. :
3. Date of Birth. :
4. Qualifications

a) Academic. :
b) Professional. :

5. Service Particulars

a) Date of joining the service. :
b) Length of continuous service: (as of 5th September.)
c) Present designation. :
d) Name of the School in which: he/she is working with postal address and PIN CODE.
e) Permanent Postal Address: (Residential and Telegraphic Address with PIN CODE).
6. Details of service rendered:

Name of the School
Whether belongs to Primary School or Secondary
Period of service details from appointment date to date
Service rendered in Agency /Slum area, if any
Subjects taught

7. Academic achievements:

Subjects taught
VII Class
Other Classes
Number appeared:
Number Passed:
Pass Percentage:
Average Marks in the subject:

Note: The above particulars should be furnished for the last five years.
8. Participation of the Teachers in the: activities of Parent-Teacher Association.
9. Special work done for raising the: standards of Education (Work done by the teacher should be noted in this proforma against each item briefly, but not objective type i.e., Yes or No).

a) Steps taken by the Teachers: to increase enrolment in the school and mobilization of out of School Children and to avoid drop-outs.
b). Give enrollment/retention: Year Enrolment Retention percentage figures for the last Percentage 3 years of the School.

10. Activities undertaken for strengthening: National integration (Give details): –
a). N.C.C.:
b). Scouts and Guides:
c). Jamboree:
d). Camps:
e) National Green Crops. :
f). Other activities, if any:
11. Inculcating interest if Co-curricular:
and Extra-curricular activities among the students (Work done by the teacher should be noted against each item briefly but not objective type i.e., Yes or No).
a) Annual day function participation: held/Not held:
b) Culture programs Participated in and training is given to students to participate in competitions (furnish details): –

  • School Level:
  • Mandal Level:
  • District Level:
  • State Level:

c). Debates/Elocution/Quiz Competitions: sports in which the students were made to participate (Give details): –

  1. Inter-School Level:
  2. Inter-District Level :
  3. State Level :
  4. National Level :

d). Excursion/Tours to the important :
places conducted (Mention the places
and periods):-

  1. Within the State :
  2. Outside the State :

e). Participation in the community :
service (furnish details); –

  1. Social work :
  2. Clean and Green :
  3. Health campaigns :

12. Contribution of the teacher for physical
development of the school (Give details):-

  1. Accommodation :
  2. Furniture :
  3. Other Aids :

13. Contribution of the Teacher for :
development of Students’ Educational
a). Innovating Methods of Teaching :
b). Activity packs :
c). Teaching Learning Material :
d). Evaluation tools developing :
14. Contribution of Teachers for promoting :
literacy in general.
a). Participation in Akshar Sankranti :
(to be certified by Collector)
b). Back to School Programme :
15. Interest in helping the gifted/handicapped: /mentally retarded and backward students.
16. Educational Innovative Writings Useful: to the students (Give details): –
a). If textbook author, details of the book (s):
i). Class :
ii). Subject :
iii). Year :
b). Publication of Articles in Name of the Year of (Give details during last 3 years): – Journal Publication

  • State Leve
  • National Journal :

17. Awards received previously, if any : (Give details)

18. Relationship with (PTA meetings): –
i). Students :
ii). Teachers :
iii). Parents :
19. Any other achievements not mentioned: above.
20. Brief note on criminal or other cases: against the teacher and character of the teacher.

21. Specific Remarks of the Inspecting Officer :
justifying the award for the teacher (one para).

22. Remarks/Recommendation of the DISTRICT EDUCATIONAL OFFICER: (Specific remarks justifying the recommendation)



This is to certify that _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ recommended for State Award, 2023 by District Selection Committee has an absolutely clean record of service and faultless antecedents and that no enquires or legal proceeding of any kind, departmental or otherwise, are pending against him/her


District Best Teacher Award 2023 – FAQ and Weightage Guidelines

Q1: What is the District Best Teacher Award?

A1: The District Best Teacher Award is an initiative by the Commissionerate of School Education (CSE) in Andhra Pradesh (AP) to recognize and honor outstanding teachers for their exemplary contributions to education.

Q2: Who is eligible to apply for the award?

A2: All teachers currently employed in AP schools are eligible to apply for the award. This includes both government and private school teachers.

Q3: How can I apply for the District Best Teacher Award?

A3: To apply, you need to fill out the District Best Teacher Award Application Form for 2023. This form can be obtained from your school administration or the CSE AP website.

Q4: What is the deadline for submitting the application form?

A4: The application form must be submitted by [Insert Deadline Date]. Late submissions will not be considered.

Q5: What are the weightage guidelines for the award selection?

A5: The award selection process involves assigning weightage to various categories to evaluate a teacher’s performance. The following guidelines indicate the points distribution:
1. Teaching Performance (50 points): This category evaluates the teacher’s classroom teaching methods, innovation, and effectiveness.
2. Student Performance (20 points): The academic performance of the teacher’s students will be taken into account.
3. Co-Curricular Activities (10 points): Participation and achievements in extracurricular and co-curricular activities.
4. Professional Development (10 points): Attendance at workshops, seminars, and training sessions to enhance teaching skills.
5. Community Engagement (5 points): Involvement in community service, parent-teacher interactions, and community awareness programs.
6. Special Achievements (5 points): Any additional achievements, awards, or recognition related to education.

Q6: How will the applications be evaluated?

A6: A panel of experts and officials will review and evaluate the submitted applications based on the weightage guidelines. The total points earned by each applicant will determine their ranking.