APTeLS App Leave Marking, Approving before 05.03.2018 – Instructions to DDO, Teachers Rc 152

Teachers Leave Marking and Aprooving in APTeLS App – Instructions to Teachers and DDos Rc.No.152, Certain Instructions on marking Leaves in APTels App – roles and responsibilities of the Teachers and Drawing officers, Proceedings of The Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Amaravathi, APTeLS App Technical Assistance Contact Phone Numbers. AP Rc.No. 152/ IT Cell/2016, Dated: 27.2.2018. Sub: CSE – IT Cell – AEBAS- Implementation of Biometric Attendance in all schools in the State – Certain Instructions on marking Leaves in APTels App – Reg.

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Instructions to Teachers and DDOs- Leave Marking and Approving in APTeLS App- Rc.No.152


1. Procs. Rc.No 57, dated: 13.02.2017 of the CSE, AP
2. Meeting with the APONLINE Team Dated 27.02.2018

All the District Educational Officers in the state are informed that the Government of Andhra Pradesh is taking up several IT initiatives in the state to strengthen the School Education System. Among major initiatives taken up by the Department, E-Hazar is one of the prestigious project taken up by the department.

For effective functioning of E Hazar leave management system through APTeLS an App is introduced. In this regard the following are the roles and responsibilities of the Teachers and Drawing officers.

Teachers and Drawing officers roles and responsibilities 

Type of Leaves —Teacher Role & Responsibilities —- DDO Role & Responsibilities

Special Casual Leave —- Update —- Approve
Earned Leave —- Update —- Approve
Half-pay Leave —- Update —- Approve
Maternity Leave —- Update —- Approve
Abortion Leave —- Update —- Approve
Paternity Leave —- Update —- Approve
Optional Holiday —- Update —- Approve
Casual Leave —- Auto Update from EHazar —- Approve
Extraordinary Leave —- NA —- Update & Approve
Study Leave —- NA —- Update & Approve
Child Care Leave —- NA —- Update & Approve
Local Holiday —- NA —- Update & Approve
Hysterectomy Leave —- NA —- Update & Approve
Composition Leave —- NA —- Update & Approve
Vasectomy Leave —- NA —- Update & Approve
Tubeаctomy Leave —- NA —- Update & Approve
Other exceptional Leaves —- NA —- Update & Approve

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the state are to issue necessary instructions to all teachers in their respective districts to update the particulars in CSE website/ Mobile App, the concerned Drawing officers shall update/approve the same in their respective logins. The entire process should be done on or before 05.03.2018 without fail.

APTeLS app technical assistance

08663815555 (Amaravathi)
Contact Time 9am to 6 pm.

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