Update AP School Attendance App 2024 AP Teachers Online Attendance School Education App

Update AP School Attendance App 2023 AP Teachers Online Attendance School Education App

How to Upload Students Attendance School Education App -AP Student Attendance App 2024 of Daily Report

Update AP School Attendance App 2024 AP Teachers Online Attendance School Education App download in Google Play Store. Update AP School Education released Students Attendance App. App to capture the school Student attendance of Daily Report. AP Students Attendance App 2024 How to UploadStudents Attendance School Education App in Google Play Store.

SSC Exam Center Software 2024: Download (Updated)

How to download Student Attendance in School Education App Latest Version. The government thinks that the students online attendance system will help it monitor the attendance at schools. The government can Mid Day Meal (MDM) or Jaganna Gorumudda to students based on the attendance recorded. Andra Pradesh Students should enroll in the student Attendance APP.

Andhra Pradesh Government has Developed Such an Application For School Attendance, you may find it by Searching on the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the Apple App Store (For iOS devices) Using keywords like “AP School Attendance,” “Andhra Pradesh Education,” or Similar Terms.

Additionally, you can visit the official website of the Andhra Pradesh State Government’s Education Department or the State Education Portal to check if they have released any official mobile applications related to school attendance or education management. These platforms often provide information and links to download relevant apps developed by the government or authorized agencies.

Update AP School Attendance App 2024 AP Teachers Online Attendance School Education App Daily Report

The State government is going to implement an attendance system in government schools from the 2023-24 academic year. Application to capture the student’s attendance by the school headmaster. The headmaster has to log in and click on the Synchronize data button on the dashboard to sync the Students information offline on the device. Without synchronizing the child information, headmaster/teacher cannot capture the attendance of the students.

Attendance App Benefits

  • Just a few clicks to enter the details
  • To check an overview of all the students status in a single view

Students attendance can be capture medium and class wise. By default, all the Student will be marked present (indicated as TICK mark against each child). If the child is absent, please UNCHECK the box against his name.

Reports are enabled to check the same day attendance and day wise attendance.

How to log Attendance App

Username: Treasury CODE
Password: Password

Download the AP Students Attendance App  (Working App)
APCFSS – Mobile Apps Download

Schools Opening Guidelines Released by AP School Education for 9th, and 10th class students are come to school with parents permission.

FAQ for Students Attendance App

Q1: How do download my students attendance?

Answer: Visit and Download at Google Play Store.

Q2: Which app is best for taking attendance?

Ans: AP School Education Students Attendance App is Best.

Q3: How do I download the student attendance app?
Answer: AP Student attendance app download at Google Play Store.

Q4: How can I take students attendance online?

Ans: Open the App, User name & Password Enter login.

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