AP & TS teachers Hand Books & Co- Caricular Syllabus 8th, 9th and 10th Classes

AP & TS teachers #Hand Books & #Co- Caricular Syllabus 8th, 9th and 10th Classes English Medium 

Andhra  Pradesh & Telangana Teachers 10th class Hand Books and co-caricular Activities Syllabus and 8the, 9th and 10th classes English Medium Hand Books & SSC Model Weightage Blue Print

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SSC Hand Books Subject Wise Download Below links

Telugu.                Hind                     English

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Mathematics.                   Physical Science.    

Biological science.         Social Studies

8th to 10th Classes Hand Books Mathematics, Science and Social Studies Subjects in English Medium

Mathematics.           Physical Science

Value Education Hand Books

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Co caricular Activities Hand Books Class Wise Download Below links

Vth Class.     VIth Class.    VIIth Class.       VIIIth Class.             IXth Class.       Xth Class

Work Education Hand Books

Primary Schools.        High Schools ( 6th to 8th ).        High Schools ( 9th and 10th Classes )