AP SSC/10th Pass Certificate Correction Advices 2022 – Date of Birth, Name/surname Corrections

AP SSC Pass Certificate Correction

AP SSC/10th Class Pass Certificate Correction Tricks -Date Of Birth & Name change or Surname,  Guidelines Follow

AP SSC Pass Certificate Correction Instructions 2022.Instructions for Corrections in AP SSC Certifications, Instructions for SSC Certificate Corrections  for the SSC/10th Class Instructions from the school system, Corrections to the candidate’s name, surname, birthdate, father’s and mother’s names, as well as their respective surnames.

Guidelines must be followed when submitting the proposals for the AP SSC Certificate Correction -Date of Birth & Name alteration -Instructions download. AP SSC Certificate Correction Instructions 2022 – Date of Birth, Name Correction, SSC Correction Required Evidences Guidelines released by AP School Education.

SSC /10th 2022 Textbooks, Prco.Rc.No.Spl Date: 02/12/2022; Subject: School Education – some adjustments to the SSC Certifications – Instructions released – Reg. 1.Go.Ms.No.1263 Edn., 06 May 1961. 2. G.O.Ms. No. 1348, Ed., dated December 15, 1981. 3. G.O.Ms. No. 430 Edn., dated December 31, 1992.

How to Correct the Original Marks List and Corrections for the 10th Grade. 2020 Rc No.

1141553/Text Books Date:14/05/2022. The procedure for correcting adjustments to SSC certificates within the allotted period has been published by CSE AP. The necessary paperwork for SSC certificate corrections, together with the application form for 10th-class certificate rectification. Below are some details. Correcting certain instructions on the SSC certificate in schools: request and regulation Read: In accordance with the Commissioner of School Education’s guidelines.

Naming Corrections/Mistakes of SSC/10th Class Certificates

What problems do you face with your SSC certificate? Do you know how to correct misspelt names? According to ISC experts, the entire procedure is accessible online.

1. Go to the website of the board where you completed the SSC exam.
2. You will have the choice of the proper name, surname, father’s name, or mother’s name. Click this.
3. A form will be given to you. Submit the form. Additionally, scan and upload the following document with the form:
(A) a photocopy of the student register (B)  How to get 10th Class Original Certificate (C) a certificate from the principal of the school (D) an Aadhar card.
4. After uploading all the necessary files, submit the form and pay the minimal fees, which vary for various boards.
5. The DEO of your region will review your form when you submit it. Your mark sheet will be updated by the board.
6. Your school administrator will provide the updated grade report to you in 15 to 20 days.

AP SSC Certificate Correction Instructions 2022 – Date of Birth, Name Correction Guidelines

All of the state’s Dy.E.Os are requested to pay close attention to the referenced reference, which contains instructions on how to submit requests for SSC Certificate modifications PDF. Despite the fact that the reference given provides explicit instructions, proposals are still presented to this office without the evidence and attestation of the inspecting officer.

Additionally, it is highly improper for certain Head Masters to make requests for SSC adjustments directly to the Director of School Education.

Therefore, each DyEO is once more requested to remind the Dy.E.Os and the Head Masters to follow the instructions provided by this office in the cited reference, abide by them strictly, and carefully examine the supporting documentation before submitting the proposal through the appropriate channels.

Downloading ANNEXURE for SSC/ 10th Class Certificate Changes Details Copy

ANNEXURE for 10th Class Certificate Changes Details
S.No. Details Remarks (All fields are mandatory )
1 Name
2 SSC Year of passing & Roll No
3 Correction type ( DOB/Name/ Surname  /
Candidate Father Name / Candidate Mother Name )
4 Details:
1.Correction Details)  Existing
b)  Correction requested
2. As per SSC
3. As per Admission Application
4. As per Record sheet
5. As per Admission Register
6. As per TC
7. As per MNR/PNR
8. As per Date of Birth
5 Mistake Occurred due to Parental / Clerical
6 Which G.O. Applicable and rule recommending the proposal to CSE
(Mention in detailed)
7 Proposal, No. of Pages
Correction of candidate, Father   & Mother Name or Surname
S.No.  Documents Produced Produced (YES/NO) Page No.’s If “NO”Mention the reason
1 Concerned Head Master remarks
2 DYEO Report
3 Admission Application
 4 Transfer Certificate / Record Sheet
5 Admission Register
6 Manual Nominal Roll
7 Printed Nominal Roll
8 SSC original Certificate
9 Original Birth Certificate

SSC/10th  Correction Required Documents:

  • Admission Application
  • Extract from the admission register
  • Record Sheet
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Original SSC Certificate
  • Extract from the Nominal rolls(MNR&PNR)
  • Report of the HM concerned (Should be mentioned where the mistake occurred i.e. is it Clerical / Parental)
  • Original Date of Birth
  • Xeroxes should be clear and

1. Must state if the error was made by a parent or a clerk and state the grounds or rule on which the HM or applicant’s request is being considered.

2. Only submit the proposal in accordance with the guidelines. Send letters that are not stereotypical.

3. The D.E.O. in question must attest to all Xerox copies.

AP SSC Certificate Correction Instructions -Required /Document Evidences

Additionally, it is asked that all District Educational Officers in the state give instructions to all Head Masters working for all managements to be more careful when entering student information into school records and when creating nominal rolls, etc. When creating the nominal rolls, a declaration from each student should be taken.

Additionally, it is required that all District Educational Officers in the state warn everyone who may be held accountable for a mistake made by the school administration due to negligence.

The proposal will be returned and taken seriously if it is received with a blank annexure, an incomplete annexure, a proposal without an annexure, a proposal without a rule position, superfluous correspondence, and a proposal without the right route.