AP Employees Corona Leaves Sanction GO 45 – Special Leave Letter for COVID-19 Positive Employees

COVID 19 Special Casual Leave for AP Employees – GO 45 Regularization of hospitalization or quarantine period

AP Employees Corona Leaves Sanction GO 45 – Special Leave Letter for COVID-19 Positive Employees.  Teachers special casual leave for covid-19 andhra pradesh, covid-19 leave rules for Government Employees Medical  Certificate. 15 DAYS SPECIAL LEAVE FOR COVID-19 POSITIVE AP GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES. AP Public Services- Regularization of hospitalization/ quarantine period during COVID-19 Pandemic – Sanction w.e.f. 25-03-2020 – Orders – Issued. AP FINANCE (HR.IV- FR&LR) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No. 45 Dated: 05-07-2021.

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1. O.M. No.13020/1/2019, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India, dt. 07.06.2021.

AP Employees Corona Leaves Sanction GO 45 – Special Leave Letter for COVID-19 Positive Employees

AP Employees Corona Leaves Sanction GO 45 - Special Leave Letter for COVID-19 Positive Employees
AP Employees Corona Leaves Sanction GO 45 – Special Leave Letter for COVID-19 Positive Employees


1. The Government has been receiving several references/queries requesting for clarification relating to treatment of the hospitalization/quarantine period during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government of India have issued guidelines regarding regularization of hospitalization/quarantine period during COVID-19 Pandemic, vide reference read above.
2. After careful examination of the matter and keeping in view the hardships faced by the Government servants, it has been decided to treat the period of absence, in relaxation of A.P. Leave Rules,1933 as under, duly adopting the O.M. of Government of India in the reference read above.

Special Leave for COVID-19 Positive Employees Details

S. No. Situation Treatment of period of absence
1 When the Government  servant himself is COVID  Positive and is in home  isolation/quarantine (i) Shall be granted Commuted Leave up to  20 days, if due and admissible, without  Medical Certificate, on mere production  of his COVID positive report.
(ii) If Commuted Leave is not available,  he/she shall be granted Special Casual  Leave (SCL) for 15 days, followed by  Earned Leave (EL) or Half Pay Leave  (HPL) of 5 days and, in case of EL/HPL  is also not available, he/she shall be given  Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL) without  insisting on production of Medical  Certificate, and the period shall also be  counted for qualifying service.
2 When the Government  servant himself is COVID  positive, and is in home  isolation and has also been  hospitalized. (i) Shall be granted Commuted Leave/ SCL/  EL for a period up to 20 days starting  from the time having tested COVID  positive, if the period of home quarantine  /discharge from hospital falls within 20  days, as per Sl.No.1 above.
(ii) In case of hospitalization beyond the 20th day from his/her testing COVID positive,  he/she shall be granted Commuted leave,  on production of documentary proof of  hospitalization.
(iii) If, however, after discharge from the  hospital, the Government servant is  required to remain at home for post  COVlD recovery, he/she may be granted  leave of any kind due and admissible to  him/her, with the approval of the  concerned Competent Authority, as per  the A.P. Leave Rules, 1933. It is only  when the Commuted Leave is not  available to the credit of the Government  servant that SCL of 15 days or EL or  EOL shall be considered.
3 When a dependent family  member of Government  servant is COVID positive or  parents, whether dependent or  not, living with him are  COVID positive. (i) Shall be granted SCL of 15 days on  production of COVID positive report of  dependent family member/parents.
(ii) In case of active hospitalization of any of  the family member/parents even after 15  days of the expiry of SCL, the  Government Servant may be granted  leave of any kind due and admissible  beyond 15 days of SCL till their discharge  from hospital. After discharge from the  hospital of dependent family member/  parents, if the Government servant wishes  to avail further leave, he shall be  considered for the leave due and  admissible as per the A.P. Leave Rules,  1933, subject to functional requirements  and sanction of leave by the Competent  Authority. The Competent Authority is  advised to take a liberal view in such  cases and its decision in the matter shall  be final.
4 When the Government  Servant comes into direct  contact with a COVID  positive person and remains in  Home Quarantine. He/she shall be treated as on duty/Work from  Home for a period of seven days. For any  period beyond that, his/her attendance shall  be regulated as per the instructions given by  the office concerned, where he/she is working.
5 The period of Quarantine  spent by Government servant,  as a precautionary measure,  residing in the Containment
He/she shall be treated as on duty/Work from  home till the Containment Zone is de-notified.

3.  These orders shall be applicable w.e.f. 25.03.2020. The past cases, wherever settled, shall be re-opened if the same is beneficial to the Government servant, and where he/she makes a request in writing for review.
4.  All the Secretariat departments and the Heads of departments shall take necessary action accordingly.
5.  The G.O. is available online and can be accessed at the address http://www.ap.gov.in/goir and http://www.apfinance.gov.in.

  1. కోవిడ్ స్పెషల్ లీవ్ ఉత్తర్వులు జి.ఓ.నం.45, తేదీ 5.7.2021 Employees వ్యక్తిగతంగా కోవిడ్ కి గురైతే ఏ సెలవులు account లో లేకపోతే 15 days spl casual leaves వస్తాయి.
  2. AP Employees Corona Leaves Sanction GO 45 – Special Leave Letter for COVID-19 Positive Employees

కోవిడ్ స్పెషల్ లీవ్ ఉత్తర్వులు జి.నం.45  Details

ఉద్యోగికి కోవిడ్ పాజిటివ్ నిర్ధారణ అయితే 

20 రోజుల వరకు ఏ విధమైన వైద్య ధ్రువపత్రం లేకుండా పాజిటివ్ రిపోర్ట్ పై కమ్యుటెడ్ మెడికల్ లీవ్ మంజూరు చేస్తారు. కమ్యుటెడ్ మెడికల్ లీవ్ లేకపోతే 15 రోజుల స్పెషల్ క్యాజువల్ లీవ్, తదుపరి సంపాదిత సెలవులు, అర్ధవేతన సెలవు, జీత నష్టపు మంజూరు చేస్తారు. జీతం నష్టపు సెలవు సర్వీసుకు లెక్కిస్తారు.

హమ్ ఐసోలేషన్ లేదా హాస్పిటల్ లో చేరినప్పుడు:

20 రోజులు వరకు ఏ విధమైన వైద్య ధ్రువపత్రం లేకుండా, రిపోర్ట్ మీద కమ్యుటెడ్ మెడికల్ లీవ్ మంజూరు. 20 రోజులు మించితే హాస్పటల్ వారు ఇచ్ఛే ధ్రువపత్రం మేరకు కమ్యూటెడ్ లీవ్ మంజూరు. హాస్పిటల్ నుండి డిశ్చార్జ్ అయిన తదుపరి కూడా ఉద్యోగి సెలవు కోరుకుంటే అర్హత కలిగిన సెలవు మంజూరు చేస్తారు.

కుటుంబ సభ్యులకు, ఆధారితులకు కోవిడ్ పాజిటివ్ గా నిర్ధారణ అయినప్పుడు:

15 రోజుల స్పెషల్ క్యాజువల్ లీవ్ పాజిటివ్ రిపోర్ట్ సమర్పించిన మేరకు మంజూరు చేస్తారు. ఇంకా మించితే అర్హత గల సెలవు మంజూరు చేస్తారు.

హమ్ క్వారంటైన్ లో ఉంటే:

విధినిర్వహణలో ఉన్నట్లుగా ఆన్ డ్యూటీ గా 7 రోజుల వరకూ పరిగణిస్తారు. అంతకు మించితే కార్యాలయం నుండి ఇచ్చే సూచనల మేరకు వ్యవహరిస్తారు.

కంటోన్మెంట్ జోన్లో ఉంటున్న వారికి:

కంటెంట్మెంట్ జోన్గా డీనోటిఫై చేసే వరకు ఆన్ డ్యూటీ లేదా వర్క్ ఫ్రం హోం గా భావిస్తారు. ఉత్తర్వులన్నీ మార్చి 25, 2020 నుండి వర్తిస్తాయి.

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