AP Diploma in Elementary Education / D.El.Ed. Revised Curriculum and Reforms from 2015-16

D.El.Ed Course Students Assessment , Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) , Records to be maintained by student teachers ,  Programme Implementation

AP Go 1 Dt. 01-01-2016 DIET Revised Curriculum, Timetable, Exam Schedule 


1. Revised curriculum to be centered around the four areas : 

  1. i) Child studies including Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) and Elementary Education. 
  2. ii) Education and Contemporary Studies 
  3. iii) Curriculum and Pedagogy Studies 
  4. iv) In addition, Value added courses for holistic development (including pedagogy across curriculum and ICT integration, Art Culture Education; Yoga, Physical and Health Education; Work and Education; Value Education and Life Skills.) 

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2. Theory courses: There shall be 12 theory papers (1st year 6, 2nd year 6)

in this curriculum including pedagogy upto elementary level (I to VIII classes)
3. Practicum: Every theory paper will have practicum as well. Practicum also includes weightages for value added courses discussed in one above Self Development Courses.

4. Records to be maintained by student teachers:

 Each student have to prepare 13 records (1st year 6, 2nd year 7) in all, in areas like CCE records, Action Research Records, Classroom observation and Reflective journals, School Experience Programmes Records etc.
5. School Internship: Ample opportunities are provided to student teachers for outside learning in various categories of schools like ECCE / Anganwadi, Govt. and Private Primary Schools and Upper Primary Schools, KGBVs, Residential Schools (General, Social Welfares, Gurukulas and Special schools (if any).

6. Programme Implementation: 

The DEOs concerned should take steps to see that the students teachers are permitted for their internship of schools as per the plan of Action / Calendar of Activities and Schedule prepared by the Principal DIET concerned.
7. Assessment: Student Teachers are to be constantly assessed in turns of
Entire practicum course

  •  Internal Assessment of 30% weightage in general shall include individual / group assignments, projects, action research, observation and reflective journal. 
  • External Assessment of 70% weightage for examinations conducted by the examining body. 

Systemic Reforms in  Diploma in Elementary Education

For the systemic reforms, the following areas shall be implemented for the effective implementation of 2 year D.El.Ed., course :

  • I. Duration of the Programme 
  • II. Working days and Holidays 
  • III. Time table for a working day in DIET 
  • IV. Government DIET shall be rationalized to have 7 subject departments for purpose of appointments and postings. 
  • V. Subject wise admissions for D.El.Ed., course (1st year admissions) 
  • VI. Annual Teacher Education schedule (including TRT). 

The details of these areas are covered in the annexure A & B as appended viz..

  1. (A) Curriculum and Syllabus 
  2. (B) Systemic Reforms.

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* GO 1 AP Diploma in Elementary Education Syllabus & Mode Details Download 

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