AP BC Hostels Outsourcing Employees Service Extension Order and District Wise Vacancies list as per GO 7

AP GO 7 AP BC Welfare Pre matric Hostels Contract 970 Posts class IV services Extent availability Vacancies list for Cook Posts Kamati Posts and Watchman Posts . Andhra Pradesh Backward Classes Welfare Department – Establishment BC Welfare Pre- matric Hostels – Outsourcing the class IV services to the extent of availability of Class IV vacancies – Orders – Issued.

AP BC Pre Metric Contract Employees Service Extended for 1127 Posts

AP BC Hostels Outsourcing Employees 

The Director, BC Welfare has proposed to fill up the 970 Class IV (Cook /Kamati/ Watchman ) vacancies (Actual Vacancies (1127) – Cooks already permitted to work on outsourcing (157) = 970) with outsourcing personnel for smooth and effective functioning of BC Welfare pre-matric Hostels.

District Wise Vacancies list Below : 

Srikakulam District Vacancies 123, 
Vijayanagaram District Vacancies  71, 
Visakaptnam District Vacancies  92, 
East GodawarI District Vacancies  80, 
West Godavari District Vacancies 85, Krishna District Vacancies 94, 
Guntur District Vacancies 67 , 
Prakasam  District Vacancies 72, 
Nellore District Vacancies 95, 
Chittoor District Vacancies 84,
YSR Kadapa District Vacancies 55, 
Ananthapur District Vacancies 143, 
Kurnool District Vacancies 66 list. 

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Read the following:

  • 1. G.O.Ms.No.34, BC Welfare (A) Department Dt:26.07.2008. 
  • 2. G.O.Rt.No.154, BC Welfare (A) Department Dt:26.07.2014. 
  • 3. G.O.Rt.No.4271, Fin(SMPC) Dept, Dt:01.11.2008. 
  • 4. From Director, BC Welfare Lr.Rc.No.E/3757/2013, dt:20.12.2014 & 16.03.2015. 

AP Backward Classes Welfare (A) Department G.O.MS.No. 7 Dated: 02-03-2016


1. In the reference 4th read above, the Director, BC Welfare has proposed to fill up the 970 Class IV (Cook/Kamati/Watchman) vacancies (Actual Vacancies (1127) – Cooks already permitted to work on outsourcing (157) = 970) with outsourcing personnel for smooth and effective functioning of BC Welfare pre-matric Hostels.

2. Government after careful examination of the proposal of the Director, BC Welfare hereby accord permission to outsource the Class IV Services (Cook/ Kamati/ Watchman) in the BC Welfare pre-matric hostels to the extent of availability vacancies (1127) as indicated district-wise in the Annexure to this order.

3. The outsourcing of the Class IV Services permitted in the above Para shall be taken up at District Level duly following the guidelines issued in Government orders in reference 3rd above and further instructions issued from time to time in this regard.

4. The outsourcing of the Class IV Services permitted above includes the (157) posts already filled up through outsourcing basis vide orders in reference 1st and 2nd read above.

5. The expenditure towards the outsourcing the services shall be met from the relevant Head of Account.

6. The Director, BC Welfare shall define clear service delivery parameters/ benchmarks for the above outsourced services category wise separately and communicate to the Districts and shall direct the District Backward Classes Officers to enter into service delivery contracts on annual basis with service providing agencies selected through established procedure prescribed in the reference 3rd read above to ensure quality of service.

7. The District Backward Classes Welfare officers shall review the performance of the service providing agency at the end of each quarter and the Director, BC Welfare shall review the performance of the agencies annually. The Service Provider Agency which fails to deliver the service to the satisfaction of the department shall be blacklisted for a period of three years.

8. The Service Provider Agency shall be properly cautioned to depute the persons, whose antecedents are properly verified, only to attend the functions outsourced in the pre-matric welfare hostels as the students are tender-aged.

9. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (HR.II) Dept vide their U.O.Note.No.31025/27/2016,dt:25.02.2016
          Government of Andhra Pradesh Backward Classes welfare (A) Department

Annexure to G.O.Ms.No. 7, BCW (A) Department Dt:02.03.2016

S.No.Name of the District No. of. Vacancies now permitted for
service outsourcing including 157
vacancies already permitted through
outsourcing personnel.
1.Srikakulam 123
4.East Godawari80
5.West Godavari85
11.YSR Kadapa55
Total 1127

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* AP BC Hostels Contract Employees District Wise Vacancies list Download 

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