TS Revised Maths, PS work load in High Schools Periods allotment in Telangana as per RC 77

Telangana Revised Maths workload, PS New periods allotent. High Schools Work Distributions SA Mathematics, SA PS subject Teachers Periods Allotment. School Assistance Physical Science and Mathematics Work load Distribution in High Schools in Telangana. TS SCERT Telangana Hyderabad Academic Calendar for 2016-17 Distribution of work among SA Physics and SA Mathematics in High Schools Orders issued. Subject wise allotment of periods per week in Upper Primary and High Schools. 6th, 7th Class Maths Subject Periods Allotment Order.8th, 9th , 10th Class Physics and Mathematics weekly Periods as per DSE Telangana, Rc.No.77, Dated:02.08.2016.

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Telangana High Schools Work Load Distribution among SA Maths and SA Physics

Rivised High Schools workload

All the RJDSEs and DEOs in the State are hereby informed that vide reference cited, detailed instructions have been issued on the implementation of academic calendar and other programmes. In this regard, there is a slight modification in the work load among the School Assistants of Physical Science and Mathematics as given hereunder.
Subject-wise allotment of periods per week in Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools i.e. for classes VI, VII and classes VIII, IX and X separately. No. of periods per teacher per subject in single section High schools. Where One Maths and one Physical Science Teachers are available.

The School Assistants of Physical Science shall take up Mathematics classes for class VI along with Physical Science subject for classes VIII, IX and X. The Maths School Assistants shall take up Mathematics subject for classes VII, VIII, IX and X. The work education and computer classes shall be taken by Physical Science School Assistant.

Subject Revised allotment of periods
for classes VI to X in High
Class X
I) Languages
1. Mother Tongue / First Language 6 6 6
2. Second Language – Hindi 4 4 4
3. Third Language — English 6 6 6
4. Read and Reflections (Library Period) 2 0 0
II) Non Languages
5. Mathematics 6 7 8
6. General Science 6 0 0
7. Physical Science 0 5 5
8. Biological Science 0 4 4
9. Experiments 1 1 1
10. Social Studies 6 6 6
11 Social Studies—Discussion on contemporary social issues 0 0 0
III) Co-curricular subjects
12. Physical and Health Education 3 3 3
13. Work and Computer Education 2 2 2
14. Value Education and Life Skills 3 2 1
15. Art and Cultural Education 3 2 2
Total Periods 48 48 48

The Headmaster must plan for implementation of co-curricular activities by assigning the subjects to the teachers keeping in view of work load. Headmaster must see for the equal allocation of periods to the teachers combinedly for both curricular and co-curricular areas. The Headmaster shall develop time table for the school showing curricular and co-curricular areas along with teachers responsible to teach the subjects and display in the Headmaster room and staff room. In case of second teacher for Mathematics is allotted for single section schools, the Mathematics classes for classes VI, VII & VIII may be allocated to second Mathematics School Assistant. The PETs/PDs shall take up monitoring of Mid Day Meal programme in the Schools.

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TS Revised High Schools Subject Wise Periods Allotment Order 

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