TREIS Employees PRC Scale 2020 TS PRC 2021 Implementation for Telangana Residential Educational Institutions

TREIS Employees PRC Scale 2020 TS PRC 2021 Implementation for Telangana  Residential  Educational Institutions to the teaching, non-teaching  and Intermediate teaching staff.  TS PRC 2020 – Establishment – School  Education Department – Telangana Residential Educational Institutions Society, Hyderabad – Implementation of Revised  Pay Scales,  2020  to  the  regular employees of  Telangana  Residential  Educational Institutions  (TREI)  Society,  Hyderabad  – Orders  – Issued. TS School Education (Training)  Department G.O.Ms.No.  2, Dated: 10-01-2022.

TREIS Employees PRC Scale 2021 TS PRC 2021 Implementation for Telangana  Residential  Educational Institutions

Read  the following:-

  • 1. G.O.Ms.No.7,  School  Education  (Training)  Department,dated:25.05.2015.
  • 2. G.O.Ms.No.51,  Finance  (HRM.IV)  Department,  dated: 11.06.2021.
  • 3. Letter  received  from  the Secretary, Telangana  Residential Educational  Institution  Society,  Hyderabad,  Lr.Rc.No.2605/A2- l/2021,  dated: 17.06.2021.
  • 4. G.O.Ms.No.30,  School Education  (Trg)  Department,dated:07.09.2021.
  • 5. School  Education  (SE.Trg)  Department  Letter  No.3841/SE.Trg  /Al/2021,  dated:20.09.2021.
  • 6. From  the  Secretary,  Telangana Residential  Educational  Institution Society,Hyderabad,  Letter.Rc.No.2605/A2-1/2021,  dated: 30.09.2021.
TREIS Employees PRC Scale 2020 TS PRC 2021 Implementation for Telangana  Residential  Educational Institutions
TREIS Employees PRC Scale 2020 

TREIS Employees PRC 2020 GO Details

Name of the GO TS PRC 2021 Implementation to TREIS Employees
Title TS PRC 2020 Implementation to TREIS Employees
Subject TS Govt has released GO.30 for Implementation of TS PRC 2020 to TREIS Employees
Category PRC GO for TREIS Teaching & Non Teaching Employees
GO No 02
GO Issued Date 10-01-2022
TS PRC 2021 Telangana 1st PRC Govt Orders
Telangana 11th PRC Info TS PRC 2021

Telangana   Residential Educational  Institutions  Society Teaching  and Non-Teaching Staff PRC Important Points


1. In the  Government order 1s1  read above orders were issued for implementation  of  the  Revised   Pay  Scales,  2015,   to  all  the   Teaching  and Non-Teaching Staff working  under the  management of Telangana Residential Educational  Institutions  Society,  Hyderabad.

2. In  the  Government  order  200   read  above,  orders  were  issued  revising the     pay    scales    to    all    the   State    Government/Grant-in-Aid    Institution employees.

3. In   the   reference  4th    read   above,   orders  were  issued  extending  the Revised   Pay   Scales,   2020,    to   the   Teaching   and   Non-Teaching   Staff  of Telangana Residential Educational Institutions Society, Hyderabad. In the reference  5th   read  above,  the  orders  issued  were kept in  abeyance.

4.In  the  reference 61h   read  above,   the  Secretary,  Telangana  Residential Educational    Institutions    Society,    Hyderabad,    has    requested  to  issue necessary  orders  to  implement  the  corresponding  Revised  Pay  Scales,  2020 to all  the  Teaching and  Non-Teaching  staff working under  the  management of the Telangana  Residential  Educational  Institutions  Society.

5. Government,  after  careful  examination  of the  matter,  hereby  accord permission for  implementation of Revised  Pay Scales, 2020 to all the  regular employees  working  under  the management   of   Telangana   Residential Educational  Institutions  Society,  Hyderabad,  subject to,

  • a) The Revised  Pay  Scales,  2020  shall  be  in  terms  of orders  issued vide  reference  2nd  read  above,  and  following   the  pay scales  as shown in the Annexure, appended to this order for Telangana Residential  Educational  Institutions  Society.
  • b) The monetary  benefit shall  be allowed  w.e.f.,  01.04.2020.
  • c) The salary in the Revised Pay Scales, 2020  will be paid from  the month  of June,  2021  payable  in  July,  2021.
  • d) The  arrears  for  the period  from  01.04.2020  to  31.03.2021  shall be  paid  at  the  time  of  superannuation  of  the  Society  employee or to the  legal  heirs  in  case of demise  of the  employee.
  • e) The   arrears   for  the   period   from    01.04.2021  to   31.05.2021, orders  will  be issued  separately.

6. The  Secretary,  Telangana  Residential  Educational  Institutions  Society, Hyderabad  shall  take necessary  further action  in  the  matter,  accordingly.

7.  This order issued (HRM.JV) Department, vide their    U .O.No.1385247/02/A1I/HRM.IV/2022, dated:05.01.2022.

Annexure to GO MS No 2 School Education (Training) Department Dated 10.01.2022

1 Secretary  (Additional Director School  Education) 61450· 105810 Original  pay  scale of the officer deputed  to the  post of Secretary
2 Deputy  Executive Engineer 37100-91450 54220·133630
3 Assistant Engineer 29760-80930 43490·118230
4 Accounts  Officer 37100-91450 54220·133630
5 Assistant Secretary 35120-87130 51320-127310
6 Superintendents 28940-78910 42300·115270
7 Senior  Asst/U.0.Steno 21230-63010 31040-92050
8 Junior Assistant 16400-49870 24280-72850
9 Work Inspector 17890-53950 26410· 78820
10 Typist 16400-49870 24280-72850
11 Record Asst.,/  lab Assistant/ Library Asst.,/  Roneo Operator 15030-46060 22240-67300
12 Driver 15460-4 7330 22900-69150
13 Office  Subordinates 13000-40270 19000-58850
14 Cooks 13000-40270 19000·58850
15 Kitchen  helpers /Sweeper/Watchman /Scavenger (Multi  Purpose) 13000-40270 19000·58850
1 Regional  Deputy Secretary 42490-96110 62110-140470
2 Principal 40270-93780 58850-137050
3 Post Graduate Teacher/MIS 31460-84970 45960-124150
4 Trained  Graduate Teacher 28940-78910 42300-115270
5 Physical  Director 26600· 77030 42300-115270
6 Physical  Education Teacher 21230-63010 31040·92050
7 Librarian 21230-63010 38890-112510
8 Art,  Craft & Music Teacher 21230-63010 31040·92050
9 Staff Nurse 25140-73270 32810-96890
1 Principal 42490-96110 62110-140470
2 Junior Lecturers 35120-87130 54220·133630
3 Physical  Director 35120-87130 54220·133630
4 Librarian 35120-87130 54220·133630

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