TOEFL Syllabus Revised For 3rd to 9th Class 2024 | TOEFL Exam Syllabus – Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking

TOEFL Syllabus Revised For 3rd to 9th Class

TOEFL Syllabus Revised For 3rd to 9th Class

TOEFL Syllabus Revised For 3rd to 9th Class 2023 | TOEFL Exam Syllabus is Given by Educational Testing Services, the TOEFL’s Regulatory Agency. The Test is Broken into 4 portions, each of which is aimed to Assess the linguistic ability of the test-taker. TOEFL Syllabus Revised For 3rd to 9th Class 2023.

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Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are Among Them, and each Takes Approximately three hours to complete. TOEFL Syllabus Revised For 3rd to 9th Class 2023 Before Registering For the test, all applicants should have a thorough Understanding of Both the TOEFL Exam Format and the TOEFL Syllabus. Every section of the TOEFL contains critical information that a candidate should be aware of in order to earn a good score.


TOEFL Syllabus Revised For 3rd to 9th Class 2023 Attention of all Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the state is invited to the Reference read above, and they are informed that TOEFL has been introduced vide the reference 1st read above from the Academic year 2023-24, and 3 Periods For Every weak has Been Allotted From Classes 3rd to 9th, as well as having the TOEFL Exam as English paper – 2 with every Formative and Summative Assessment.

the Government, as per References 2nd and 3rd Mentioned above, has directed that one session of TOEFL be Allotted every Day for classes 3rd  to 9th.TOEFL Syllabus Revised.

“”Subject Weightage Revised, 3rd to 9th English Deleted Lessons 2023-24 SCERT A.P.- Allocation of 5 TOEFL periods per week from classes 3rd to 9th. English syllabus reduction from third to ninth grades-instructions issued””

School Education-SCERTA.P-Allocation of 5 perlods per week from grades 3rd to 9th for TOEFL-Reduction of English syllabus from grades 3rd to 9th Instructions – Reg Rc.No.ESE02/974/2023-SCERT issued Dated:27/09/2023


1. Academic Year 2023-24

2. Review meeting with higher officials of the School Education Department held by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on September 14, 2023 at the Hon’ble Chief Minister camp office. Vijayawada.

3. Instructions from the Principal Secretary of the School Education Department. Andhra Pradesh Government

As a  Result, it has Been Decided To Allocate 6 TOEFL periods per week for Classes 3rd, 4th, and 5th, & 5th , TOEFL periods per week For classes 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th, except Saturday, because most Saturdays are Either Holidays or Bag less days. Given the topic weightage and effort of English teachers, the Syllabus For English For Classes 3rd to 9th was proportionally Decreased, as Most language Skills are provided in TOEFL Times.

The TOEFL Language Form and Meaning Section should be handled by school assistant English (English Subject Teachers). In their allowed 6 subject periods per week, they can use 4 periods for syllabus teaching and 2 periods for TOEFL practise.

Biological Science should distribute reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and speaking activities. Science of matter.

Teachers of Social Studies and Mathematics Based Their task Distribution on Equality.

In this regard, the Subject weightage Has Been Adjusted, and the English Syllabus From third to 9th Class has been Decreased.

As a Result, the Regional Joint Director of School Education and District Educational Officers in the state are requested to take immediate action to issue instructions to all field level officers to follow and implement the above-mentioned instructions without deviation and to submit a compliance report to this office immediately.

TOEFL Exam Syllabus 2023

Below The Table Explains The TOEFL Exam Syllabus in Detailed.


Section Time of Duration No. of Questions Details
Reading 54 – 72 Minutes About 40 3-4 passages with 10 Questions Each
Listening 41-57  Minutes 40+
  1. 3–4 lectures (3-5 minutes long, almost 500-800 words), 6 questions each wherein the total questions are about 30.
  2. 2–3 conversations (about 3 minutes long, about 12-25 exchanges), 5 questions each wherein the total questions are about 12.
Speaking 17 Minutes 4
  1. 1 autonomous task (prep time: 15 sec; response time: 45 sec)
  2. 3 integrated tasks – Read/Speak/Listen (prep time: 30 sec; response time: 60 sec)
Writing 50 Minutes 2
  1. 1 integrated task – Read/Write/Listen (20 minutes) (reading time: 3 min; listening

time: 2 min; writing: 15 min)

  1. 1 autonomous task (30 minutes)


In this section, candidates will Encounter 3-5 passages, and for Each passage, they will need to respond to a set of 12-14 questions. The grade for this section is determined by the number of correct responses in reading comprehension.


The TOEFL Exam Syllabus includes short and Extended Conversations in the listening Section. After a Brief Dialogue, Candidates will Face a Single Question with Multiple Response Options. They Must Select one option. Furthermore, there will be Numerous Questions Based on the Content of longer Conversations.


TOEFL Syllabus Revised For 3rd to 9th Class 2023 To Achieve the Highest Scores in the Speaking Section, Candidates Should provide Responses That Align with the Task Requirements, with only Minor Errors or lapses. Examiners are looking for responses that are Coherent and Sustained in their Discourse. Details of the TOEFL Speaking Section Syllabus are outlined in the table above.


Candidates Should Effectively Address the Given Essay Topic. Their Response Should be well-organized and thoroughly developed, with relevant explanations and supporting details. It should also exhibit a sense of unity, progression, and cohesion. To earn a strong writing score, candidates should demonstrate syntactic variety and appropriate word choice while minimizing minor grammatical errors.

 TOEFL Exam Pattern 2023

Sections No of Questions Time Duration
Reading 3–4 passages – 10 Questions Each 54-72 minutes
Listening 3-4 Lectures and 2-3 Conversations – 10 Questions Each 41-57 minutes
Speaking 4 Questions 17 minutes
Writing 2 Tasks 50 minutes
TOEFL Downloading Proceeding Rules
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) along with their Answers:

  1. What is the TOEFL test?
    • The TOEFL test is an internationally recognized English language proficiency exam used to assess the English language skills of non-native speakers who wish to study or work in English-speaking countries.
  2. What is the purpose of the TOEFL test?
    • The TOEFL test is used to evaluate a person’s ability to understand and use English in academic and professional settings. It is often required for admission to English-language universities, for immigration purposes, or for employment in English-speaking countries.
  3. What are the Different Formats oF The TOEFL Test?
    • The TOEFL Test is offered in two formats: TOEFL iBT (Internet-Based Test) and TOEFL PBT (Paper-Based Test). The TOEFL iBT is more widely used and accessible, while the TOEFL PBT is available in limited regions.
  4. How is the TOEFL iBT Structured?
    • The TOEFL iBT consists of four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Each section assesses a different language skill. The test typically takes about four hours to complete.
  5. How is the TOEFL score reported?
    • TOEFL scores are reported on a scale of 0 to 120, with each section (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing) receiving a score from 0 to 30. Test takers also receive a total score.
  6. How often is the TOEFL test administered?
    • The TOEFL iBT is usually offered multiple times a year, with test dates varying by location. It’s essential to check the official TOEFL website for the most up-to-date information on test dates and locations.
  7. How can I register for the TOEFL test?
    • You can register for the TOEFL test online through the official ETS (Educational Testing Service) website. You will need to create an account, choose a test date, and pay the registration fee.
  8. How should I prepare for the TOEFL test?
    • TOEFL test preparation can include studying English grammar, practicing listening and speaking skills, reading academic texts, and writing essays. Many test prep materials, including official TOEFL preparation books and online courses, are available.
  9. How long are TOEFL scores valid?
    • TOEFL scores are typically valid for two years from the test date. After that, they may not be accepted by educational institutions or immigration authorities.
  10. Can I retake the TOEFL test?
    • Yes, you can retake the TOEFL test as many times as you wish. However, there is a waiting period of 3 days between attempts, and you must pay the registration fee each time you take the test.
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