Telangana Rc.1848 Instructions Relieve Transferred Teachers Staff Arrangements nearby Schools and Mandals

TS Rc.1848 Instructions on Relieve Transferred Teachers , 2013 Transfers  Teachers relieve order , Staff Arrangements in Schools , Telangana School Education , Rationalization / Transfers & Promotions teachers and Gr. II HMs , Provide Vidya Volunteers in Schools , depute nearby Schools Teachers 

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Telangana #Rc.1848 Instructions Relieve Transferred Teachers and Staff Arrangements in Schools

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Telangana School Education Instructions to Relieve Transferred SGTs/ 2013 SGTs Rc1848 Instructions to relieve the teachers who are working in their old stations who were already transferred in 2013 and staff arrangements in schools, Proceedings Of The Director Of School Education

TS School Education Rc.No.Trans 1848 /Ser.IV-2/2015 Dt.08-10-2015 Rationalisation/Transfers and Promotions -Head Masters Gr. II (Gazetted) and Teachers- Instructions 

    TS GO 11 and 12  instructions were issued for Rationalisation/Transfers and Promotions of Head Masters Gr. II (Gazetted) and Teachers. Accordingly, it was also reiterated that while effecting transfers to SGTs/ relief of 2013 SGTs, if any school is left without teacher on account of transfer of teachers presently working , in such cases the junior most teacher will come back and work in the school from where he / she was relieved until alternate arrangements are made as an interim measure. In pursuant to Government orders in the reference 5th read above, Vidya Vounteers were engaged in the State.
   Depute nearby Schools and Mandals :  Further, they are requested to ensure that one regular teacher is available in every school and no school is left without a regular teacher, and make necessary arrangements to this effect and depute the surplus teachers identified so as to provide the regular teacher for each school / within Mandal or nearby Mandal.

Reference GOs :

  1. 1.G.O.Ms. No. 11 School Education (Ser. II) Department Dt.15/06/2015.
  2. 2.G.O.Ms. No. 12 School Education (Ser. II) Department Dt.16/06/2015.
  3. 3.This Office Procs.Rc.No.Trans(1848)/Ser.IV-2/2015 Dated.16/06/2015 & 23/6/2015
  4. 4.This Office Procs. Rc.No.Trans(1848)/SerIV-2/2015, Dated.23/06/2015, 13.7.2015 & 29.7.2015
  5. 5.G.0.162 Edn Dated.03.09.2015

     In view of the above, the District Educational Officers are requested to issue necessary instructions to the concerned HMs/MEOs to relieve the teachers who are working in their old stations who were already transferred as per instructions issued vide this office procs dt. 13.7.2015, shall be relieved if the Vidya Volunteer is provided to that school.

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TS Rc.No.Trans (1848)/Ser.IV-2/2015 Dt.08-10-2015 Download

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