Telangana Nethanna Bima,Life Insurance Scheme And Benefits For Weavers

Telangana Nethanna Bima

Telangana Nethanna Bima, Life Insurance Scheme 2022

Telangana Nethanna Bima 2022 On the occasion of National Handloom Day, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Shekhar Rao launched the Nethanna Bima scheme and greeted weavers. According to news agency ANI, he stated that the Telangana government has been working for the welfare of weavers by implementing a slew of new schemes Nethanna Bima scheme 2022 apply online for them.

Telangana Nethanna  Bima Scheme was published on August 7, 2022. Telangana Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister unveiled the state’s plans. This initiative, which will benefit handloom weavers, will begin on August 7 in honour of National Handloom Day. Under this proposal, the government will pay the insurance premiums. If the person we were insuring died as a result of an illness or accident while the insurance was active. The insurance would pay the nominee or family up to 5 lakh rupees. Some insurance programmes may take a long time to send money to the nominee. The nominee, however, would receive Rs 5 lakh within 10 days of the beneficiary  death under this arrangement.

AP Tailors Scheme 2022

The Handloom and Textile Department of the nodal agency is in charge of this initiative, and they will handle everything. The government has set aside 50 crore rupees for this initiative, 25 crores, or 50%, of which have already been distributed. As part of this, the state government will implement the Nethanna Bima plan, which is similar to the  scheme. This will provide financial security to the families of weavers. So, Telangana is well-known for its handloom industry, and this insurance policy covers approximately 80,000 handloom workers.

The state government also provides assistance to handloom weavers through two Additional programmes: Chenetha Mitra and Nethanna Ku Cheyutha. The state government provides a 40% subsidy to handloom workers under one strategy. Another proposal would provide handloom employees with a 16% financial assistance deposit as a state portion of the 8% thrift savings paid by cooperative sector workers. These initiatives, however, can only help Handloom Weavers who are actively involved in them.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao chose to introduce Nethanna Ku Bima, which is comparable to Rythu Bima, to instil trust among weavers. According to him, the insurance coverage programme, which is being implemented in collaboration with LIC, will benefit 80,000 weavers in the state. He stated that if a weaver dies naturally or accidentally, Rs. 5 lakh will be deposited into the nominees’ accounts within 10 days.

Brief Details About the Nethanna Bima Scheme :

Totally Overall 29 crore Rupees Have been allocated for the scheme  implementation this year. The Cabinet Sub Committee proposed that the State cover over 55 thousand handloom, power loom, and ancillary weavers.
Weavers between the ages of 18 and 59 will be covered by the insurance. The insurance benefits would be extended to the weavers or Ancillary worker family in the event of death. The programme is expected to begin next month.

According to a senior official from the Handlooms department, the department has been directed to prepare draught guidelines and submit them to the government for the Nethanna Bima Yojana scheme’s implementation.

Concerning About National Handloom Day

The Ministry of Textiles organises the National Handloom Day celebrations across the country.
Largest economic sectors: The handloom sector is one of the country’s largest economic sectors.

The handloom sector played an important role during the Swadeshi Movement, which was launched on August 7, 1905 as part of the Indian independence movement.
Increase domestic production: The movement was started to reduce reliance on foreign goods and to increase domestic production.
Khadi: The movement encouraged the production of khadi in nearly every household.
When India gained independence at midnight, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru unfurled the Indian flag made of khadi at Princess Park near India Gate.

Highlights of the Telangana Nethanna Bima Yojana Scheme

 Name of the Scheme Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme
Government Telangana State Government
Industry Handloom and textile Industry
Launch by The Telangana Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister
Scheme Name Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme
Beneficiaries Only Handloom Weavers family members
Launch Date 7 August 2022
Official Website
 Scheme Budget 29 crores

Benefits of the Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme

Among the numerous benefits provided by the Nethanna Ku Bima scheme are:

  • This insurance scheme, known as the weaver’s scheme, protects every weaver between the ages of 18 and 59.
  • The sum of 500,000 is distributed retroactively to the weaver’s family or the nominee of their choice under the terms of this plan.
  • The insurance policy proceeds are deposited ten days after the person’s death.
  • To ensure the success of this plan, committees at the state and district levels will participate in and contribute to it.

Telangana Nethanna Bima Eligibility

  • The person applying for this scheme must be a Telangana resident. If the applicant is not from Telangana but from another state, he cannot benefit from this scheme.
  • Aside from that, anyone applying under this scheme must have prior experience as a participant in the Rythu Bima Yojana.
  • The age of the person who wishes to receive benefits under the Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme must be between 18 and 59 years old.

Telangana Nethanna Bima Scheme Required Documents

The paperwork Required for the scheme is as follows:

  1. Aadhar card
  2. mobile phone number
  3. and email address are required.
  4. Holder of a Telangana state identity card
  5. Documentation was duly submitted to the department of handloom and textile manufacturing.

Nethanna Bima Scheme Key Points and Benefits

  1. Nethanna Bima Scheme is a health insurance scheme initiated by Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao.
  2. This scheme is only available to handloom and power loom weavers.
  3. The insurance scheme will benefit approximately 80,000 weavers families.
  4. Under this scheme, the state government will provide Rs 5 lakh in insurance coverage to weavers’ families in the event of an untimely death. Methane O Tela
  5. The government will implement the Nethanna Bima scheme in collaboration with the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC).
  6. The government will pay an annual premium to the LIC on behalf of the beneficiary.
  7.  The government has launched the following flagship programmes to provide financial assistance to weavers and the weaving sector.
  8. The state government has formed committees at the state and district levels to oversee and ensure the proper implementation of this scheme. Bima Plan Tele PM

1.What exactly is the Nethanna Bima Yojana?
The State Government launched the Nethanna Bima scheme for weavers, similar to the Rythu Bima scheme for farmers. For the first time in the country, the Telangana government has launched an insurance scheme for handloom and power loom weavers in the state. 18-Sept-2022

On August 7, 2022, Nethanna Ku Bima will be released. The Telangana Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister announced this state’s program. This scheme will start on August 7 because that’s National Handloom Day, and it’s for the welfare of handloom weavers.