Teachers Special Casual Leave SPL.CL Related Information

Teachers Special Casual Leave Spl.CL Related Information Women’s Employees Blood Donation Vasectomy Sports 

FR 85 Ruling 4(VII)11

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  1. Spl CLs may avail in addition to 15 CLs.
  2. 1Spl CL when Blood Donation Vide GO  MS No.137 M&H Dt.23-2-1984.
  3. Family Planing Spl CL If male employee undergo Vasectomy eligible 6 days leave Vide GO MS No.1415 M&H Dt.10-6-1968 .If Doctor certified as the operation fail the individual again eligible such kind of leave Vide GO MS No.257 F&P Dt,05-1-1981.
  4. Male employee eligible not more than 7 days Spl CL when wife undergo Tubectomy/Delivery Vide GO MS No.802 M&H Dt.21-4-1972
  5. Women employees eligible not more than 14 Days Spl CL when undergo Tubectomy Vide GO MS No.1415  M&H Dt.10-6-1968.
  6. If Doctor certify the operation fail the employee eligible 2nd time the above kind of leave Vide GO MS No.124 F&P Dt.13-41982
  7. When woman employ go IUD(Intrauterine Device) i.e.Loop one day Spl CL eligible Vide GO MS No.128 F&P Dt.13-4-1982.
  8. Women employees eligible not more than 14 days spl cl when they undergo MTP(Medical Termination of Pregnency) later Salpingectomy Operation Vide GO MS No.275 F&P  Dt.15-5-1981.
  9. Women employee also eligible 6 weeks abortion leave Vide GO MS No.762 M&H Dt.11-8-1976.
  10. Women employees eligible 45 days Histreoctomy Leave Vide GO MS No.52 Fin Dt.01-4-2011.


  1. This kind of leave applicable women employ who has less than two living children & when after FP Operation death of both Girl & Boy childs,21 days or howmany days Hospitalised which is less Vide GO MS No.102 M&H Dt.19-02-1981.
  2. Vecation Dept (Edn-Teachers) eligible 7 Days Spl CLs Vide GO MS No.47 Fin Dated.12-02-1965.

President & Gen Sec (Dt)who working in Recognised Organisations(Joint Staff Counsil Membership Unions) are eligible 21 days Spl CLs Vide GO MS No.470 Dt.16-9-1994 and GO MS No.360 F&P Dt.29-11-1995.

  1. SPORTS LEAVE Who participate International status sports & Govt Employ who selected for All India Games Federation are eligible 30 Days Spl CL Vide GO MS No.47 Dt.12-2-1965 & GO MS No.360 F&P Dt.24-12-1980.

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SPORTS  :  Leaves

  1. 1.For participating in Sporting events – not exceeding 30 days.
  2. 2.If exceeded 30 days – excess periodtreated as regular leave.


  1. Principal Office bearers of Recognized service Associations – 21 days in a calendar year.
  2. To participate in Rallies, Camps etc.Organized by  Bharat Scouts and Guides – 10 days.
  3. Elected as President or Secretary of National Sports bodies- 15 days in a calendar Year
  4. Secretariat Cultural Association Members for dramas – 6 days in a calendar Year

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