SBI Yono App Download | SBI Yono App Install You Only Need One for Digital Banking

SBI Yono App Download | SBI Yono App Install You Only Need One for Digital Banking : SBI YONO App Download (Android/ iOS/ Windows) yono sbi download, How to use yono sbi app download for sbi yono login, yono sbi account opening, yono sbi digital account,How to send Money in yono sbi online, yono sbi login online, how to use yono app. State Bank of India Launches SBI Yono Android App an Innovative Step by State Bank of India, A Key Development in Digital Banking by SBI Booking Cab, Renting, Entertainment, Dining Travel Booking, Hotels and 14 other Bookings Payments Made easy by introducing this App by State Bank of India. To Award Customers Discounts and Cash Back Offers, SBI involved in Agreements with 60 e-commerce organizations with YONO, You Only Need One app for all your banking, shopping and investment needs. YONO is your one stop shop to fulfill all your banking, insurance, investments, and daily shopping needs.

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SBI Yono App Download | SBI Yono App Install You Only Need One for Digital Banking

SBI Yono App Download | SBI Yono App Install You Only Need One for Digital Banking

YONO by SBI – Apps on Google Play – SBI YONO app download

YONO stands for YOU ONLY NEED ONE. It is the core product of SBI for doing your whole digital transactions. Through YONO you can open digital account, transfer, investment, insurance, shopping, SIP, open FD/RD/NEFT/IMPS and daily life products etc. It has the tag line “Lifestyle and Banking” because it has more than fifty five product at single one platform for the convenience of his customer. YONO is the complete certified product of SBI. It has completely secure and protected.

Key Features of SBI YONO App

  1. Concession on bank service charges 
  2. India’s largest shopping marketplace – Exclusive discounts and offers for SBI customers across a large number of e-commerce merchants 
  3. Banking simplified – Easy to understand interface, Simple and intuitive navigation 
  4. Quick pay – Intelligent funds transfer with UPI enabled payments 
  5. One view – Link and view all State Bank group relationships (Bank and all JVs) in one app 
  6. Smart spending – Intelligent spending analysis using smart auto-tagging and categorisation of the transactions 
  7. Your friend in need – Pre-approved personal loans on the go (no documentation up to 1 Lac) within 2 minutes without any documentation 
  8. Liquidity on the go – One click facility to avail overdraft against Fixed Deposit 
  9. Live your dreams – A goal based deposit product to fulfil your dreams through regular savings 
  10. Non financial requests executed digitally 

How to Download SBI YONO App

YONO can be downloaded from Google Play Store on all Android phones and can be downloaded from Apple App Store on iOS platforms.

How to Register on SBI YONO App

Step 1: Log into the SBI YONO app
Step 2: To begin the registration process use the internet banking option or by entering account details
Step 3: Enter account details such as ATM card number, ATM pin and click ‘Submit’. If you choose, internet banking, enter your internet banking username and password
Step 4: Give consent to use MPIN by accepting terms and conditions. Then click ‘Next’
Step 5: Choose an MPIN and key it in. An OTP will be sent to you on your mobile number, enter the same and click ‘Next’
Step 6: You have successfully registered and can now explore all features

How to Send Money Using SBI YONO App

Step 1: Log into the SBI YONO app
Step 2 : Go to the home screen and click on the ‘Fund Transfer’ option
Step 3: Select a beneficiary, enter details and transaction amount
Step 4: Authenticate the transaction using MPIN

Please note that your data is safe with India’s most secure bank. We do not share any information with third parties without your permission.

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  • How do I change my spouse’s name in a YONO SBI app? 
  • What should I do if I have chosen the option “no” on the FTCA/CRS declaration while making a digital account on the YONO app? 
  • Is there any other alternative way we can enroll in SBI except YONO? 
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  • Why does the YONO by SBI Android app ask for permission to get access to contacts, camera, photos, SMS, if it has nothing to do with all of it? 
  • Why is the service of the Yono app so disgusting? 
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  • How can I pay for an online purchase using Yono? 
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  • How do I use YONO by SBI if you have more than one account? 
  • How about the Yono SBI service? 
  • Can money transfer be done from India to Nepal via Phone Pay, Tez, or SBI Yono in Digital India? 
  • What is the SBI YONO facility? 
  • Can you pay your utilities through YONO, or anywhere else? 
  • Can we see a mini statement our SBI account from the SBI Yono app? 
  • How can I register in Yono with my 19-digit ATM card? 
  • Why is the SBI Yono A/C and app asking for a customer’s religion as its first profile question? 
  • How do I get a loan from YONO SBI? 
  • Is Yono by SBI safe or not? 
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  • Can two accounts be linked with YONO? 
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  • How do I register my device from the SBI YONO app? 
  • Who created the SBI YONO advertisement? 
  • Anyone has opened a YONO SBI digital savings account? 
  • What is the Yono app? 
  • Which type of platinum debit card is given by YONO SBI digital account? Can it be used for international transactions? 
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