DSC 2008 Agreement Bond for Contract Basis appointed SGTs – Contract Agreement Guidelines in Telugu

DSC 2008 Agreement Bond for Contract Basis appointed SGTs – Contract Agreement Guidelines Download in Telugu. DSC 2008 Agreement Bond for Contract Basis appointed SGTs, AP DSC 2008 Contract Basis appointed SGTs Agreement Bond of Contract Service. Agreement Of Contract Service to Join The Duty For DSC 2008 Qualified Candidates Appointed as SGTs On Contractual Basis.

AP DSC 2008 candidates who are appointed on contract basis shall be allowed to join duty only after executing an agreement in the below format on Rs.110/- judiciary bond. If any candidate is allowed to join duty without executing the bond, the MEO concerned will be held responsible. DSC 2008 Agreement Bond for Contract Basis appointed SGTs – Contract Agreement Guidelines Here.

DSC 2008 Agreement Bond for Contract Basis appointed SGTs – Contract Agreement Guidelines in Telugu

An Agreement made on this ___ Day of July – 2021 year between the District Educational Officer (first party and Sri/Smt._______________________________________________ Secondary Grade Teacher on contract basis (Second party).

DSC 2008 Agreement Bond for Contract Basis appointed SGTs - Contract Agreement Guidelines
DSC 2008 Agreement Bond for Contract Basis appointed SGTs – Contract Agreement Guidelines


  • That the second party agrees to perform the teaching work, academic work and admissions campaign work during summer vacation including all works related to SGT post as entrusted by the first party in accordance with the curriculum of the School Education Syllabus from dated ____.07.2021 to the last day of the institution i.e.,(23.04.2022) or as per the academic calendar in terms of G.O.Ms.No.39 School Education Department Dated 21.06.2021 Communicated in Memo.No.ESE02-20022/38/2018-RECTMT-CSE, Dated 23/06/2021 and 09.07.2021 of the Director of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Ibrahimpatnam.
  • That the second party shall carryout any further instructions given to him or her by the District Educational Officer ________from time to time in the discharge of the duties as a Teacher mentioned in para above.
  • The Second party agrees after being informed that, he or she is fully aware of the fact that his or her service are not being taken to fill up any vacancy either on temporary or permanent basis. That he or she will be paid and honorarium of Rs.21,230/- (Rupees Twenty one thousand two hundred and thirty only) per month in terms of G.O.Ms.No.12 Finance (HR. 1-Plg & Policy) Department dated 28.01.2019 during the contract period and that his or her contract shall automatically come to an end or expiry of the said period. That the Second party agrees for the review of the performance by the first party periodically and also to receive the honorarium i.e., Subject to revision in relation to the performance of the second party from time to time.
  • That the contract terminates without assigning any reason by the District Educational Officer _______ at any time during the said period and the second party in such case is entitled to only prorata amount till such time.
  • That the second party is not entitled for any other perks, allowances or any other facility except for the monthly honorarium payable mentioned in condition 3 above and benefits in G.O.Ms.No.40, Finance, Dated.18.06.2021
  • That the service rendered during the contract period will not be considered and reckoned as part of any regular appointment for any post in Government and therefore no credit/ weightage will be given for service rendered in the contract period and the service will not have any preferential right for regularization.
  • That any dispute arising out of this contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Government.
  • That the relation between the parties is purely contractual and does not go beyond the terms and conditions mentioned there in.
  • That any misconduct / misbehaviour on the part of the second party will entail dispensing with the contract without any notice.
  • That the contract of the Second party will be terminated if he/ she engage any litigation or legal disputes with the Government or creates unhealthy atmosphere in the school or create any other disputes or bring any pressure on the authorities for transfers or any other matter..
  • That the Second Party cannot claim for transfers as a matter of right as there are no specific orders / provisions for undertaking transfers of contract faculty. However first party is at liberty to use the services ofSecond party any where in the District, based on the need from time to time.
  • No contract faculty shall bring or attempt to bring any extraneous influence to bear upon any authority for the furtherance of his/her interests.
  • That the Second party deviates if any in this regard with this agreement / it will be construed that he or she is not interested to work as contract teacher in the School Education Department where he or she has executed bonds his or her services will be liable to be discharged from the contract service.
  • The engagement shall be strictly based on the general terms and conditions stipulated in G.O.Ms.No.39 School Education Department Dated 21.06.2021 read with G.O.94., GAD, Dept., dated.28-03-2003 and G.O.Ms.No.40, Finance., Dated.18-06-2021.
  • The Contract with the teacher shall not be treated as continuing from the past but as new contractual arrangement for a limited duration i.e., up to end of each academic year and fresh agreement from 1st June of every year based on the performance duly giving break between the contract periods as per rules.

  1. The Department shall not issue a generic order of contractual appointment and shall refer to the arrangement as contracting services to specific duration with specific terms of reference.
  2. The Department shall define specific Terms of Reference (TOR), supervision system, performance management system, terms and conditions of contract and monitor fulfilment of the second condition.
  3. The Headmaster/Mandla Education Officer should report adverse remarks if any against the contract teacher during the academic year itself and further permission for fresh engagement of contract teacher will be based on performance only.

AP DSC 2008 Appointment of 2193 Minimum Time Scale Instructions Download

Represented by the District Educational Officer.
Signature of the Second Party (With Date)
Witness to the Signature of the
First Part/party of the Second part

Witness :
1.____________ (Signature Name)
________________ (Address)

2.____________ (Signature Name)
_______________ (Address)

డిఎస్సీ-2008 ఉపాధ్యాయులు

  • అగ్రిమెంటు ఇచ్చి DSC2008 SGT లు ఉద్యోగంలో చేరాలి.
  • DSC 2008 Contract Teachers (Second party) తో School Education dept Represent By DEO (First party)తో కుదిరే Agreement లోని High lights:
  • ఈ contract SGT లు Ed Dept వారు Entrust చేసే Teaching work, Academic work మరియు Summer vacation లో Admission campaign చేయవలెను
  • ప్రతి విద్యార్థి సంవత్సరము చివర్లో ఈ Agreement రద్దగును మరల జూన్ 1 న క్రొత్తగా Agreementశ కుదుర్ఛుకోవలెను
  • పని విధానము ఇబ్బంది కారంగా ఉంటే DEO లు ఎప్పుడైనా Terminate (తొలగించవచ్చును)
  • బదిలీ అడగ కూడదు. కాని DEO లు need ను బట్టి ఎప్పుడు ఎక్కడకు బదిలీ చేస్తే అక్కడకు వెళ్ళాలి
  • Court లకు కెళ్ళినా,బదిలీ చేయమని ఒత్తిడి తెచ్చినా Terminate చేయబడును
  • కేవలం రు21230 Fixed వేతనము ఇవ్వబడును. అదనపు భత్యాలు ఉండవు
  • Academic year లో సేవల తృప్తికరము /Adverse పై MEO /HM లు ఇచ్చే‌ నివేదిక performance ఆధారంగానే తదుపరి విద్యాసంవత్సరం contract నకు అనుమతి ఇవ్వబడును.
  • ఈ contract serviceను Regular /Temporary SGT వేకెన్సీలను భర్తీ చేయుటకు పరిగణింప బడదు.
  • పై అంశాలతో రు110 ల Stamp పేపర్ & Adhesive Stamp పై Contract teacher మరియుఇద్దరు సాక్షుల‌ సంతకాలతో ( with date) MEO లకు ఇచ్చి , నూతనPost లో Join అవ్వవలెను. వీటిపై DEO లు కూడా తర్వాత సంతకాలు పెట్టాలి
  • SSA వారు CRP,MIS,Data portrait తో కుదుర్చుకున్న కొనే Agreement లాగా ఇది ఉండును.

DSC 2008 Agreement Bond for Contract Basis appointed Instructions Download

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