DEO Anantapur Transfers/ Promotions SGT SA LP Vacancies, final Seniority list

DEO Anantapur Transfers/ Promotions SGT SA LP Vacancies, final Seniority list

DEO Anantapur Transfers/ Promotions SGT SA LP Vacancies 2020 final Seniority list Anantapur Teachers Transfers/ Promotions Seniority List/ Vacancies List of SGT, School Assistant Telugu, English, Maths, Physics, Biology, Social Studies, Hindi, Language Pandit, LFL, Gr 2 HM will be available online at the Anantapur DEO website. AP Anantantapur DEO District SGT Teachers Selection list 2020 SGT Vacancies list Certificate Verification web counseling dates School Education SA , LP , LFL , Head Master Rationalization list.

DEO Anantapur Teachers Transfers / Promotions SA/ SGT / LP Vacancy Position

* Teachers Transfers order copy Download
* Transfers all Cadre Wise Seniority list Download
* Transfers relieving Order , Joining Report and LPC Model Download

PRC 2020 New Basic Pay ||| Transfers Points Calculator
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DEO Anantapur Transfers / Promotions SGT SA LP Vacancies, Seniority list

DEO Anantantapur AP Teachers Vacancy, Seniority, Rationalization List , West Godavari Teachers Provisional Seniority List, Vacancy Position, Rationalization List, deoananthapuramu.

*  Anantapur 8 years Teachers & 5 years HMs Vacancies List Download

Anantapur District Teachers Transfers Cadre wise Transfers list Download

SGT        PET      Gr II HM        PSHM

SA /School Assistants : Telugu   Hindi   Maths    PS   NS    Social   PD

➤  Teachers Transfers Order Copy Download
➤  Anantapur District IV Category Schools List Download
➤  Rationalisation Schools Revised list  Download
➤  Anantapur SGT 8 years Vacancies Download
➤  Anantapur SA Subject wise 8 years Vacancies Download

Transfers Objections Report , Final Seniority list and Transfers Orders

* Transfers Objections Status Report District wise Download
* Transfers Final District wise Seniority list Download
* Transfers Orders ( after web Option ) Download

Anantantapur DEO District wise PS, UP, HS Teachers Provisional Seniority List, Vacancy Position, Rationalization List

SGT , SA ,LP , HM and LFL Official final Seniority list Download. Anantantapur District School wise Vacancies position for verification SGT, SA , LFL and Head Masters.

AP Teachers Transfer tentative Seniority list of Anantapur District

*SGT Seniority list Download
* Head Master Seniority list Download
* SA Math’s Seniority list Download
* SA PS Seniority list Download
* SA English Seniority list Download
* SA Bio Science Seniority list Download
* SA Hindi Seniority list Download
* SA Social Seniority list Download
* Subject wise Vacancies list Download
* All Cadre Vacancies Points Wise Seniority lists Download
* List of Vacancies list all Cadre ( SGT , SA, LFL, HM ) Download
* Who were Transfer 2020 Teachers list Download
* School wise Cadre strength for verification Download
* Transfers Official Seniority list Cadre Wise SGT/ SA/ LFL HM and LPs Lists Download
* 8 years Completed Teachers tentative list Download
*. 5 years Completed Head Masters list Download
* Mandal Parishad Rationalisation list Download
* IV Category Schools list Download

Anantapur District Teachers Promotion Seniority list Click here
Anantapur District Teachers Promotion Vacancy list Click here
rnool District Teachers Rationalization list Click here
Anantapur District Teachers Transfers Vacancies list Click here
Anantapur District Teachers Transfers Seniority list Click here

Anantapur District All vacancies, Seniority list update Download New

Anantapuram Teachers Transfer SA/ LP/ HM/ SGT Seniority
List is as follows :

Sl.No. Anantapur District Vacancies Category of Post Link
1 SGT Download
2 PET Download
3 Grade-II HM Download
4 School Assistant(SA)Telugu Download
5 School Assistant(SA)English Download
6 School Assistant(SA)Hindi Download
7 School Assistant(SA)Maths Download
8 School Assistant(SA)Physics Download
9 School Assistant(SA)Biology Download
10 School Assistant(SA)Social Studies Download
11 LP-Telugu Download
12 LP-Hindi Download
13 LFL HM Download



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