AP Work Adjustment New Instructions to DEOs as Per Rc 25

AP work Adjustment Ration Revised Guidelines Primary Schools 1:30 and Upper Primary Schools 1:35, High Schools 1:40. Transfers Teachers to needy Schools temporarily within the mandal or Nearby mandal. Work Adjustment process shall be completed on or before 15-01-2016 , AP District Wise Surplus Teachers list SGT and School Assistants , LP lists

 Andra Pradesh School Education – Rationalization/Transfers, 2015 – Headmasters and Teachers – Work Adjustment of Surplus Teachers- Instructions issued 

Rc 25  Dt. 01-01-2016 Work Adjustment Revised Orders Instructions to DEOs for Work Adjustment

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In view of the 10th Public Exam and possible need for Subject Teachers and in view of formative and summative exams for 9th Class as per GO 82 School Assistants may be provided on work adjustments to such High Schools.
Government have issued orders in GO 63 to facilitate and regulate the Transfers of Head Masters and Teachers working in ZP/MP Schools
All the Regional Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are informed that, Government 39, Dated 7.8.2015 to GO 51 Dated 7.8.2015 have issued orders for establishment of Model Primary Schools in the State
Accordingly rationalization exercise was under taken in Primary Schools. Transfers of teachers in all categories of schools i.e. Primary Schools, Upper Primary and High Schools were taken up. For transfer exercise all vacancies were opened irrespective of need in view of the ensure work adjustment subsequent to transfer affecting. Consequently teachers were transferred and are working in locations where there is no need or justification. As per the information submitted by the District Educational Officers, the district wise status of surplus Teachers (SGTs & SAs) based on working strength and requirement of Teachers in the respective category of schools is provided in the annexure. As such there are totally 9674 surplus teachers including 3696 and 6078 in the category of SGT and SA respectively.
The following criteria to be adopted for providing surplus teachers on work adjustment basis duly arriving at need as per priority given below.
As per Teacher Pupil Ratio, As per RTE Norms, Primary Schools 1:30, UP 1:35, High Schools 1:40.
Work Adjustment Teachers to needy Schools temporarily within the mandal or to the neighboring mandal on work adjustment basis.
In view of the above, and in partial modification of orders issued earlier, all the District Educational Officers in the State are instructed to take up the work adjustment of 3696 surplus SGTs teachers working in Primary Schools duly constituting a Committee at District Level. The Committee may be comprised of District Educational Officer as a Chairman, Deputy Educational Officer (Concerned Division) as a Member and Mandal Educational Officer (Concerned Mandal).

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* Work Adjustment Vacancies list Download  

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