AP Schools Rationalization revised GO's 39 to 51 District wise list Estblishment of Model Primary Schools

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AP Schools Rationalization Revised GO’s 39 ,40 , 41 ,42 , 43 , 44 , 45 , 16 , 47 , 48 , 49 , 50 , 51 – 13 District wise list Estblishment of Model Primary Schools Government ZP Madal Parishad Magments ( Adharsha Bradhamika Paatasalu )

Andra Pradesh Revised Primary Schools Rationalization GO’s 39 to 51, Dt.07-08-2015 Didtict wise lists

AP Revised  Rationalization GO’s  Dt.07-08-2015 , 13 Districts Norms  District
wise  Schools list

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The Concept of Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary Schools):

  1. Establishment proposed for each Model Primary School Under one teacher, One Class room norm, five (5) Secondary Grade Teachers for Five (5) classes will be provided for Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School) per GP/Municipality, provided the minimum enrolment from Class I to V is atleast 100. (However, for the year 2015-16 the required enrolment is
    atleast 80)
  2. One of the 5 teachers in the Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala (Model Primary School) will be exclusively identified as English Teacher
  3. Beyond 130 students enrolled, 5 SGTs + 1 Head Master post will be provided.
  4.  If the enrolment is <80, 4 Secondary Grade Teachers shall be provided, and on increased
    enrolment, the norm as at 1(a) shall be made applicable.

Comprehensive infrastructure facilities to be provided for Model Primary School are

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  1. (a) Adequate class rooms,
  2. (b) Toilets & Water supply,
  3. (c) Furniture,
  4. (d) Library room with adequate books,
  5. (e) Audio-Visual equipped class rooms and
  6. (f) attached Early Childhood Center (ECE) as
    feeder Center


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