AP: RC 305.Subject wise Work Distribution in Primary Schools

Rc. No.305/Dl/C&T/SCERT/2013 Dated: 01-07-2013 SCERT, A.P. Hyderabad -Subject Wise Work Distribution of Classes to Teachers instead of Class wise Distribution and responsibilities- Curriculum implementation in Primary Schools and primary section of upper primary schools. 

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The system of class wise responsibility to the teachers (teacher teaching all the subjects for the class allotted) is being implemented in the primary schools and primary sections of upper primary schools in the State.
        During training programs and School Complex Meetings teachers suggested to do away with the existing system of teacher distribution i.e. class wise responsibility and introduce subject wise distribution of teachers at primary level. Following are some of the problems issues experienced by the teachers while implementing the system of class wise responsibilities.

  1. Students are exposed to a single teacher throughout the day.
  2. If the teacher is absent due to CL / other kinds of leaves there will be no classes for that particular class.
  3. Teachers naturally are interested to teach particular subjects based on their expertise, qualifications and may not be equally competent to teach all the subjects effectively
  4. Change of teachers from period to period brings in new ways of dealing with the classes/ children depending upon the teacher.
  5. Continuity in terms of children progress subject wise need to be focused during the primary stage.
  6. Teacher absenteeism/ teachers on leave/ teachers on duty affects a class completely as there will be no teacher to teach any subject.

In view of the above, the existing system of teacher distribution class wise was reviewed keeping in view of suggestions from teachers and it is proposed to provide subject responsibilities to the teacher instead of entire class responsibility.


  1. Teacher selects the subject based on his / her interest and expertise.
  2. Capacity building of teacher with a focus on one or two subjects. So that he can teach the same subjects effectively for all classes.
  3. Training can be focused on one or Two subjects for more number of days for their capacity building instead of focusing on all the subjects in the limited period.
  4. Teachers can collect subject specific TLM in a focused way in their subject.
  5. Teachers can plan and take up remedial teaching to improve the basic competencies in their subjects.
  6. Therefore, it is proposed for adapting subject specific responsibilities to the teachers and the nature of distribution of subjects in a multigrade situation is suggested here under.

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