AP Mid Day Meal Eggs Tender Authorities to DEO – MDM Latest Version Download

AP Mid Day Meal Eggs Tender Authorities to DEO – MDM Latest Version : Mid Day Meal Scheme Mobile App now the app is available in latest version 2.37 Download AP MDM Eggs Proforma Mid Day Meal Scheme In Andhra Pradesh In Telugu Mid Day Meal Scheme In Telugu AP MDM Daily Report Mid Day Meal in AP Started AP MDM Monthly Report AP Mid Day Meal HM MDM Eggs Stock Register. Supply of Colorful Eggs in MDM AP Mid Day Meals . Deduct the egg cost i.e., Rs. 2.35 from the existing cooking cost w.e.f supply of eggs by the suppliers.

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AP Mid Day Meal Eggs Tender Authorities to DEO – MDM Latest Version

The proposals to assign the responsibility of the egg tenders to district educationists

  1. The school education department has sent proposals to the district education authorities to lend the tender responsibilities of the supply chain to the midday meal scheme. 
  2. Earlier state level tenders called and three suppliers were supplied with suppliers. In the wake of the Chief Minister’s office, the proposals were prepared to hand over these responsibilities to the districts. 
  3. The deadline for tenders announced at the state level last year was completed by June this year. Last month, the new tenders were called, but no decision was made on them. The old eggs will be supplied to the farmers till 31st of this month. 
  4. If the new proposals come into effect, the schools in the schools (from next month 1) will have to buy the cigarettes until the districts are organized by tenders and selecting the latter. 

Even mid-day meal scheme in junior colleges is served by schools

Students enrolled in the scheme are: 34,57,124,
Junior college students: 1.75 lakhs,
Eggs per person per week: 5.

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