AP CFMS DDO enployees DATA Entry complete information user manual, videos and form for AP PRC bills

AP CFMS DDO DATA Entry Instructions about login CFMS to the Drawing and Disbursing Officers ( DDO ),Videos,Uer Manual

AP CFMS complete information user manual, videos and form for AP PRC bills

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  1. 1. The DDOs have to login to the website “http://cfms.apfinance.gov.in” by using their existing log-in ID (DDO code) issued by the Director of Treasuries and Accounts (DTA) using the default password “ddocode@1” (e.g. for DDO code 10102345 the password would be “10102345@1”).
  2. 2. After the first login the DDO has to select his details from the employees list available under his login for automatic generation of user id in CFMS within four hours.
  3. 3. After generation of user id in CFMS, DDO has to login with the new user id using the default password employee number followed by date of birth in dd mm format. For eg if the employee number is 12345 and the DoB is 16th of July the password will be 123451607. DDO has to change the password and set a new password. The system has been designed to provide for change of password by the DDOs. They may remember the password and should not disclose to any one to maintain integrity in data entry. The DDOs will be held responsible for any errors in data entry if any passwords are misused or the data is entered without the knowledge of the DDOs.
  4. 4. After setting the new password, the DDO has to first enter/validate the details of his own office and the details of the subordinate offices if any and also the details of the next higher office to which the unit office in which the DDO works will report.
  5. 5. After finishing the entry of the above data, the DDO has to go through the user manual available on the website for a better understanding of all the fields of different screens intended to capture the data of different modules in CFMS.
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