AP Academic calendar 2015-16 Primary, UP and High school's schedule of activities

Andra Pradesh Academic calendar 2015-16 Primary, UP and High Schools schedule of activities

Reopening of the schools 12th June (Changed to 15th June vide Proc 82 )

Syllabus distribution : June,15 to February,16

Examination schedule:

  • FA1. July (June and July Syllabus)
  • FA2. August (August Syllabus)
  • SA1. 28.09.15 to 07.10.15 (Up to September Syllabus)
  • FA3. November (October and November Syllabus)
  • SA2. 14.12.15 to 22.12.15
  • FA4. February (January and February Syllabus)
  • SA3. 12.04.16 to 22.04.16

Pre Final for X class: 15.02.16 to 27.02.16

Term Holidays:

1st term:  12.10.15 to 22.10.15 (Dasara)

2nd term:  09.01.16 to 17.01.16 (Sankranti)

Christian minority:  24.12.15 to 02.01.16

Summer vacation:  23.04.16 to 12.06.16

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