TS/ Telangana Grama Jyothi Programme – Swatchcha Gramam 1st Phase Activities

TS/ Telangana Grama Jyothi Programme – Swatchcha Gramam 1st Phase Activities from 17.8.2015 to 24.08.2015

Telangana Grama Jyothi Development Scheme : The Hon’ble Chief Minister for conduct of Swatchch Grama as a 1st phase of Grama Jyothi programme where in the GP / Gram Sabha in implementation of development activities.

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Activities to be taken up under Swatch Gramjyothi program from 17.8.2015 to 24.08.2015 :

  1. 1. Cleaning of all public places and cleaning of Roads.
  2. 2. Cleaning of Surroundings of village by way of Machinery.
  3. 3. Cleaning of drains.
  4. 4. Cleaning of bushes and garbages.
  5. 5. Identification of lands for dumping yards (2 or 4 depending on size of village) at the oustkirts of village.
  6. 6. Cleaning of Government offices/ Schools.
  7. 7. For procurement of sanitation material upto Rs.10,000/- may be utilized from Grama Panchayat available funds

The following schedule of activities may be followed

I. Constitution of swatch Gramjyothi committees:
a) At the Mandal level, Mandal Swatch Gramjyothi Committee is formed which will be headed by the mandal special officer and consist of Tahsildars, MPDO, MEO and mandal Agriculture officer.
b) At the village level, Village Swatch Gramjyothi is to be formed which will be headed by Sarpanch and shall have as members Village Spl. Officer, VRO, Panchayath Secretary, Field Assistant, Community Coordinator-IKP, Anganwadi workers and Sakshara Bharath workers

II. Preliminary activities:
Day Action to be followed Location
04.8.2015 Mandal Spl.Officers meeting along with MPDO, Tahsildar, MEO, AE-RWS, Medical Officer, MAO and all the Village Spl.Officers,ZPTCs/MPP/MPTCs/ Sarpanchs, Panchayat Secreteries MPDO Office meeting Hall
05.8.2015 Village Spl.Officers shall with prior notice to hold meetings at each village and explain the concept of Swatcha Gram Jyothi in Grama Sabha to all the villagers Village
06.8.2015& 07.8.2015 1) Baseline survey on population of G.P.,assessmentOf places to be cleaned and also which requireonetime cleaning, recurring cleaning shall beidentified. (Proforma-A enclosed) 2) Discussion also be made of where the garbage to be disposed off.   3) a. Identification of lands for dumping yards shall be done( 2 or 4 places depending on size of the yard) b. Estimates for dumping yard should be done by T.A (NREGS) 4) Requirement of Instruments/ equipments like Paras, Gaddaparas, Bleaching powder, Pushcarts, Tricycles, Trallies, Tractors etc., for sanitation programme in massive manner to be assessed. Village
11.8.2015& 12.8.2015 Procurement of sanitation material. Village / Mandal / District
13.8.2015 Finalisation of day-wise action plan to be executed GP wise from 17.8.2015 to 24.8.2015

III. Responsibilities of Officers:
1) Mandals Spl. Officers shall ensure for comprehensive Swatch Gram Jyothi plan for every village in the Mandal consultation with Mandal Swatcha Jyothi Committee.
2) Village Spl.Officer is responsible for comprehensive Swatch Gramjyothi plan with the approval of Swatch Gramjyothi committee consists (Sarpanch, V.O.s, SHG group, Youth, Teacher, Field Asst., Panchayat Secretary).
3) The Village Spl.Officer along with Sarpanch along with Swatch Gramjyothi committee will be responsible for execute day wise Swatch Gramjyothi plan by procuring the items to be required by the GP staff
4) The constituency spl. Officers shall be responsible for proper implementation of the Grama Jyothi Committee
5) The departmental heads shall be responsible for it who are responsible for identification of the cleaning that has to be done,  in depth process ensure concerned officers shall purchase equipment (brooms, rickshaws etc) and ensure day to day cleaning activity.
6) Special Care should be taken to include all sections of villages.
   – VRO & sarpanches shall mobilize public.
   – Community coordinator should mobilize women.
   – SHG groups should be made to participate for effective achievement.

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