(DBHPS) Hindi Prachar Sabha Syllabus 2023 Download Model Papers, Books

Hindi Prachar Sabha Syllabus

Hindi Prachar Sabha Syllabus Download PDF 2023 Model papers, Textbooks

(DBHPS) Hindi Prachar Sabha Syllabus 2023 Download. The Hindi Prachar Sabha August Exam 2023 previous Model papers Download online at www.dbhpscentral.org. The 2023 DBHPS Question papers 2023 is now Accessible online. Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha Admission (2023 – 2024)  If you want to take part in the Hindi Prachar Sabha Exam, go to Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha sample Syllabus Download 2023 – 2024.
Hindi Prachar Sabha Syllabus  in Madras to download the Admit card, reporting is to provide information, and call letter for the August exam. A direct link to the most recent information regarding the Hindi Prachar Sabha August Exam Syllabus 2023 is provided here in this page.

Hindi Prachar Sabha Syllabus, Textbooks, Question papers 2023 Download

DBHPS August Exam New Syllabus 2023 Download for the Written Examination is scheduled to be released by the appropriate Department during any week of August 2023. After the official announcement, students who have registered to take the entrance exam will be able to access the official website to obtain and print their DBHPS August Exam 2023 Admit cardsPick the course from the drop-down menu to obtain the DBHPS August Exam Syllabus, Model papers 2023.

Syllabus For Hindi Prachar Sabha (DBHPS) Model Question Paper 2023, Hindi Prachar Sabha books 2023 Pdf Download

Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha Syllabus 2023  is to Download the DBHPS Exam soon in August. The DBHPS August 2023 Question papers and the Hindi Prachar Sabha Exam model papers are Good to Score . The model papers , Syllabus, Books  has now been made available by the board on the website at dbhpscentral.org. Many applicants submitted their exam applications online. Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar sabha Model papers 2023 – 2024 This page has all the details you need to know about the DBHPS Admit Card 2023, which can be found at dbhpscentral.org for August

Board Name Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha
Exam Month August
DBHPS Syllabus  Available to Download
Official Website www.dbhpscentral.org

Download Syllabus at www.dbhpscentral.org copy of the DBHPS Syllabus 2023, DBHPS Question Paper 2023, DBHPS New Books 2023, 

Hindi Prachar Sabha Syllabus, Model Question Paper 2023 for Subject-wise P.G. Diploma Paper I,- II Paper III, Paper IV, Paper V, B.Ed., B.A. I, II, III Year Visit our website here. Model questions for the Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha have been published by With Mahatma Gandhi’s assistance, Annie Besant founded the organisation. The institution is one of just a few recognized Institutes of National Importance by the Indian Government. Candidates for the 2023 Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha Exam From our websites, you may also get the Most Recent sample test Questions.

Steps to Visit DBHPS Syllabus 2023/ Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha books, Syllabus, model Question papers 

  • Visit the Official Site  www.dbhpscentral.org
  • Click on “New Syllabus” .
  • Enter the Details in the field like As Date of Birth.
  • View/ download DBHPS Syllabus.
  • Then, Click To Download.
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Saral Hindi Bodhini (Dakshin-1)
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Subodh Hindi Patamala-1 (Dakshin-2)
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Subodh Hindi Rachana-1 (Dakshin-3)
1st paper 
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Subodh Hindi Patamala-2 (Bharat-1)
2nd paper
  • Prachar Sabha  Hindi Katha Sarovar (Bharat-2)
  •   Prachar Sabha  Subodh Hindi Rachana-2 (Bharat-3)
1st paper
  •  Prachar Sabha  Subodh Hindi Patamala-3 (Hindi-1)
2nd paper
  • Prachar Sabha  Katha Ratnavali (Hindi-2)
  •  Prachar Sabha  Subodh Hindi Rachana-3 (Hindi-3)
1st paper
  •   Prachar Sabha  1 – Naveen Padya Chayanika – 1
  •   Prachar Sabha  1 – Naveen Gadya Chayanika – 1
2nd paper
  • Prachar Sabha  Sathya Ka Swar
  •  Prachar Sabha  Sathyameva Jaythe (Revised)
  •   Prachar Sabha  1 – Hindi Vyakaran Praveshika- 1
3rd paper
  •   Prachar Sabha  Hindi Ratnakar
Old Syllabus 1st paper
  •  Prachar Sabha  Kavya Sowrabh
  •  Prachar Sabha  Gadya Kusum-2
Old Syllabus 2nd paper
  • Hindi Prachar Sabha  Gandhiji ki Sankshipta
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Atmakatha (Sabha Pub.) (Lesson 1 to 20)
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Sugam Hindi Vyakaran
Old Syllabus 3rd paper
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Aadhunik Hindi Nibandhavali
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Rajyabhasha Bodhini (Sabha Pub) 
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Anuvadh Abhyas-4 (Lesson 1 to 20)
Regional Language – Telugu
 Hindi Prachar Sabha  Gadya Mandaaram
 Hindi Prachar Sabha  Kavya Manjari (Telugu) –
(Pub.: D.B.H.P.Sabha, (Andhra)
Khairatabad, Hyderabad-4)
Regional Language – Kannada
 Hindi Prachar Sabha  Kannada Gadya Bharati Part-1
 Hindi Prachar Sabha  Kannada Padya Bharati Part-1 –
(Pub.: D.B.H.P.Sabha, (Karnataka) )
D.C. Compound, Dharwad-580 001)
Regional Language – Malayalam
 Hindi Prachar Sabha  Gadya Tharangavali
 Hindi Prachar Sabha  Padya Tharangavali –
(Pub.: D.B.H.P.Sabha, (Kerala) ),
Chittoor Road, Ernakulam, Cochin-16)
Regional Language – Tamil
 Hindi Prachar Sabha  Tamil Pozhil-1 (Padya Sangrah)
 Hindi Prachar Sabha  Tamil Pozhil-1 (Gadya Sangrah) –
(Pub.: D.B.H.P.Sabha, (Tamil Nadu) ),
Tennur High Road, Trichy-17)
Regional Language – Marathi
Hindi Prachar Sabha  Sreyasi –
(Pub.: Nava Sahitya Pub., Belgaum)
Dakshin Hindi Prachar Sabha  Upekshitha che Antharangha –
(Pub.: J.A. Kulkarni, Continental –
Publication, Vijayanagara, Pune-30)
R.B. Visharad Poorvardh
1st paper
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Gadya Kusum Part-3 (New Edition)
  • Hindi Prachar Sabha  Nirmala (Premchand) – (Kahani Manjari -(Sabha Pub.) 
2nd paper
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Vyakaran Pradeep
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Hindi Samkshipta Lekhan 
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  (Gadya Kusum-3 (Lesson 1 to 10)
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Hindi Aalekhan
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Nibandh Manjusha (Vinod Pustak Mandir) 
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Anuvad Abhyas-5 (Lesson 1 to 20) 
3rd paper Regional Language (Telugu)
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Gadya Chandrika
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Kavya Kusumavali (Pub.: D.B.H.P. Sabha,Andhra)
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  (Gadya Kusum-3 (Lesson 1 to 10)
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Hindi Aalekhan
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Nibandh Manjusha (Vinod Pustak Mandir) 
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Anuvad Abhyas-5 (Lesson 1 to 20) 
Regional Language (Kannada)
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Adhu. Kannada Gadya Bharati-2
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Parisara Manava Ithara Kavithegalu
  • (Pub.: D.B.H.P. Sabha, Karnataka) 
Regional Language (Malayalam)
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Pathinonnu Kathaikal
  • Hindi Prachar Sabha  Padya Ratnam
  • (Pub.: D.B.H.P. Sabha, Kerala) 
Regional Language (Tamil)
  • Hindi Prachar Sabha  Ilakkiya Kanigal
  •  Hindi Prachar Sabha  Malar Chendu
  • (Pub.: D.B.H.P. Sabha, Tamil Nadu) 
Regional Language (Marathi)
  • Dakshin Hindi Prachar Sabha  Chaandhanavel – (Editor: G.P. Kulkarni)
  • Dakshin Hindi Prachar Sabha  Gothavala – (Author: Anand Yadav) 
R.B. Visharad Uttarardh
1st paper
  • Dakshin Hindi Prachar Sabha  Kavya Kusum-3 (Pub. Sabha)
  • Dakshin Hindi Prachar Sabha  Jayadrathvadh 
2nd paper
  • Dakshin Hindi Prachar Sabha  Swarga ki Jhalak
  • Dakshin Hindi Prachar Sabha  Bharatvarsh ka Itihas 
  • Dakshin Hindi Prachar Sabha  Sooryoday (Sabha Pub.)
3rd paper – Viva-voce
  • Dakshin Hindi Prachar Sabha  Viva-voce with question & Answer
  • Dakshin Hindi Prachar Sabha  Likhavat ke Namune

The Hindi Prachar Sabha is an organization that aims to promote the use and development of the Hindi language. The syllabus for the Hindi Prachar Sabha varies depending on the level of the course.

Here is a general overview of the syllabus for different levels of Hindi Prachar Sabha courses:

  1. Prathamic: This is the beginner level course where students learn the basics of the Hindi language. The syllabus includes topics like Hindi grammar, sentence formation, vocabulary, and basic conversation skills.
  2. Madhyama: This level is for intermediate students who have a basic understanding of Hindi. The syllabus includes topics like Hindi literature, poetry, essay writing, letter writing, and comprehension skills.
  3. Rashtrabhasha: This is an advanced level course where students learn advanced Hindi grammar and literature. The syllabus includes topics like Hindi proverbs, idioms, figures of speech, and advanced writing and comprehension skills.
  4. Praveen: This is the highest level of Hindi Prachar Sabha course, where students learn the nuances of the Hindi language. The syllabus includes topics like Hindi history, Hindi journalism, Hindi culture, and advanced communication skills.