TS RMSA Provide Snacks to SSC Students from RMSA Grants Interest Amount

TS Rc 950 Providing Snacks to 10th Class High Students from RMSA Grants Intrest Amount , TS RMSA Telangana Proc No 950 Dt. 12-01-2016 Providing snacks to SSC students who are preparing for March 2016 Examinations in all High Schools Providing snacks to 10th class students from RMSA Grants permission occorded from Telangana RMSA Model School

Telangana RMSA Providing Snacks Evening Study Time for SSC Students 

AS DEOs requested in the meeting on 5.1.2016 to permit Headmasters of Schools in the state to provide evening snacks to the 10th class students who are preparing for SSC Public Examinations in the High Schools in state mobilising resources from local village elders etc. If nobody comes forward the expenditure can be met from RMSA funds.

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Who are attending to 10th Class Public Exam Students to study hours Providing Snaks. The Director of School Education and  RMSA Model Schools pleased to accord permission to all the Headmasters of High Schools in the state provide evening snacks to all the 10th students who are preparing for SSC Public Examinations in all the High Schools in state from accumulated interest amount on RMSA Grants @ Rs.2 per student

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* RC No 950  Provide Snacks to SSC Students Copy Download 

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