TS RC.405 Dt.10-6-15 Academic Calendar for 2015-16, Academic iinformation

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Telangana State School timings the school timings for both Primary and Upper Primary/ High Schools

Primary Schools :

7 hours per day including lunch break and short term intervals
09.00 AM to 04.00 PM with lunch break from 12.10 PM to 01.10 PM with eight (8) periods. The first period will be 45 minutes and the rest of the periods are 40 minutes duration.

Upper Primary Schools :

7 ½ hours per day including lunch break and short term intervals
09.00 AM to 04.30 PM with lunch break from 12.30 PM to 01.20 PM with eight (8) periods. All the periods are 45 minutes duration expect last period which is for co-curricular activities for a time period of 70 minutes that is 35+35 minutes for co-curricular activities/ subject transaction.

High Schools :

7 ½ hours per day including lunch break and short term intervals

09.30 AM to 05.00 PM with lunch break from 01.00 PM to 02.00 PM with eight (8) periods. The periods i.e. the first 6 periods will be for 45 and the last 2 periods will be of 40 minutes each duration.
Inter-school, Inter-district and State Level competitions-Schedule :
* School Level- During July, 2015
* Mandal/ Division Level- Before 20th August, 2015
* District Level- 21st August to 15th September, 2015
* Selected candidates may be sent to State Level competitions to be held during September/October, 2015.

Vacation period :

Summer vacation:
The summer vacation for the teachers and children will be from 24th April to 11th June, 2015 as usual and as per the earlier pattern being followed. The schools will be reopen on 12th June, 2015
The vocation for both Dussehra and Sankranthi festival is given here under which will be reflected in the academic calendar.
* First term vacation for Dasera will be from 10th to 25th October, 2015.
* Second term vacation for Sankranthi will be from 11th to 17th January, 2016.
* However, second term vacation for Christian minority schools will be from 24th to 30th December, 2015.

Teacher trainings :

In order to improve the quality of the trainings, the focus will be on developing subject specific forums at State and District Level for all the subjects. Good and committed teachers may be identified to act as Resource Persons. Their services will be used for training and academic monitoring of schools and supporting DCEB activities. ICT will be used for supporting teachers for effective implementation of curriculum.

School Complex Meetings :

* It is proposed for strengthening of School Complex Meetings. Professional expertise is required for the Asst. Secretaries and accordingly may be selected. The expert LFL HMs may also be considered for Primary meetings.
* Effective monitoring for regular attendance of teachers and their participation shall be focused.
* The DIETs/ CTEs shall focus on effective conduct of School Complex Meetings and training to School Complex HMs and Asst. Secretaries.
* A Handbook on School Complex Meetings may be developed.

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