TS Rc No 589 National Teacher Awards Application Guidelines 2015 Last Date 10-12-2015

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#Telangana National Teacher Awards Application 2015 Guidelines

 Rc 589 Date:17.11.2015 National
Award to Teachers 2015 Request for recomendation-Reg. All the District Educational officers in the State are informed that the Government of India,  Ministry of Human Resource Development,  New Delhi of a Scheme National Awardes to Teashers every The Government India issues guidelines for selection of Teachers for National Award for er year.  Accordingly it is decided to invite the proposals for National Awards 2015 from all the District Educational Officers in the State.  

Certain Guidelines
selection of Teacher for National Award The following guidelines:

They are to be followed for selection teachers tor these awards.  The 15 Awards are reserved for Sarukrit Teachers of sunskrit Pathashilas and rolls and 5 Awards for Arabic Persian Teachers of Madarsas vrhich cannot be allocated State wise due to their Limited At least Two
covered under the allocated quota for states Uri
Organisations,  yard following guidelines are to be followed for selecting teachers for these The The 15 Awards are reserved for Sanskrit Teachers of Sanskrit Pathashilas and Tolls and 5 Awards for Arabic/Persian Teachers of Madarsas which cannot be allocated State Wise due to their Limited nunber.  At least Two names may be recommended for these category of Teachers,  The Sanskrit and Arabic Persian Teachers working in regular Primay Secondary schools should also be considered for National Award under the category of Primary and Secondary school is teachers only 15 years of regular teaching is while for Principals 20 years of regular teaching experience 10 required.
          However for the SPECIAL Award category,  in case of teacher,  15 years of regular teaching experience and for Principals Headmasters,  years of regular teaching experience is required.  be considered the Teachers who are teaching up to class VIII should class IX to category of Primary School Teachers and those teaching of Secondary School Teachers 
2:-  Normally retired
teachers are not eligible for the award but those teachers who have served a part of the calendar year(at least for four months ie,  up to 30th April in the year to which National Award relates may be considered,  if they fulfill all other conditions.  The service rendered on re-employment after attaining the age of superannuation will not count as eligible service.  Teachers whose names were recommended last year or before an be considered again, 
if they are still otherwise eligible and are recommended by the state Govt./  UTs.  Educational Administrators,  Inspectors of Education and the staff of the training colleges are not eligible for these awards.  Only those teachers having requisite years of teaching experience,  as December of the
preceding year of mentioned at Sl.  No.  above,  as on 31 the Award(2013)  will be eligible to be considered for the
award.  Main considerations that should Guide the selection of Teachers at various Levels:  Teachers’  reputation in the local community His/Her academic efficiency and desire for its improvement.  His/Her genuine interest in and love for children and His/Her involment in the social life of the community.  Further the Govt.of India in their letter has conitituted

District level Committee and State Committee are as
follows:  District Level Committee: 

  1. District Inspector
    of Schools Member
  2. Head of a Primary
    Training Institution Member
  3. Headmaster of a
    Secondary School

Proposed district
Level Committeee for all the District Educational officers in the State for conduct scrutiny and submit proposals to this office.

State Committe : 

  1.  Director of
    Education/ Chairman Director of Public Instructions
  2.  Principal of Training
    College Member
  3.  Nominee of the Union
    Government Member

 Hence,  they are requested to submit the proposals in the prescribed proforma for selection of teachers for National Awards for the year 2015.  in duplicate,  tvith due recommendation of District Level Committee indicating at least Two names of eligible teachers compulsorily under each category mentioned below:
  • 1.  Recognized Primary and Secondary school teachers of  State/UT/Organization
  • 2.  Sanskrit Teachers of sanskrit Patashalas and Tolls run on traditional lines.
  • 3.  Arabic/  Persian Teachers of Madarsas run on traditional lines.
  • 4.  Teachers of CBSE Schools.
  • 5,  Teachers of CISCE affiliated Schools.
  • 6.  of CTSA affiliated Schools and
  • 7.  Teachers who promote the education of children with disability in regular schools by and other school system.
  • 8.The teachers recommended by CBSE should be other tun those who have already been covered under the allocated quota fot urv

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The initial selection shall be made at the District level by a District Committee from amongst the names recommended by the District Education Officer, a District Inspector of schools or such other local authorities e.g. Corporation, Panchayat etc. which the State Government may determine in the context of local conditions. No teacher shall be asked or permitted to apply for the award. The names shall be recommended by the District Education Officer etc. on the basis of the Teachers’ record of work.
The State Selection Committee shall scrutinize and sift the recommendations of the District Committee and recommend to the State Government two names for each award allotted to the State and one or two names of Sanskrit/Arabic teachers if found suitable. The names of teachers selected by the State Committee shall be arranged in order of merit before they are recommended to the State Government who shall forward the same to the Union Government alongwith character certificate of faultless antecedents and absolute integrity duly signed by the Education Secretary. The recommendations of the State Selection Committee shall not be modified by the State Government to substitute names, or to disturb the order of merit recommended by the State Selection committee. However, if the State Government is of the view that any of the selected teacher is otherwise unfit for the award, it may recommend omission of such names to the Union Government furnishing details for the same.
The State/UTs/School systems shall recommend at least the prescribed number of awards under the category “Special Awards”. In case they do not find suitable number of teachers under this category, the award will not be recommended, but in  that situation the number of allocated awards for special award shall not be transferred to the general category.The final selection will be made by the Union Government.

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Awards 2015 Guidelines Download 
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