TS RC 405 Instructions to Teachers Preparation and Annual plan – Lesson Plans

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TS School Education Rc. No. 405/D/C&T/SCERT/2015, Dated: 19.10.2015

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Telangana SCERT Improving the quality of teaching through teacher preparation and developing the lesson plans -Certain instructions on teacher preparation and writing of the annual/ lesson plans – Orders issued 

The curriculum reforms not only ended with revision of textbooks but also shifts in the following areas.

1. Evolved academic standards – class-wise and subject-wise along with learning indicators.
2. Developed appropriate teaching learning strategies and steps for effective transaction of subjects reflecting the nature of the subject.
3. Revised and improved the annual and lesson plans with a focus on common core standards.
4. Development of standard based assessment tools and strategies with a focus on Formative Assessment under Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).
5. Development of standard based means of reporting students’ progress to parents and others in the form of Cumulative Records.

 The quality of children learning is based on the quality of teaching and also the quality of teacher and his/ her preparation

Teacher preparation includes:

1. Teacher preparation – value addition to the textual material in terms of new examples, activities, questions etc. Teacher regular reading of reference books and making notes helps for expert teaching and value addition to the textbooks.
2. Resources for teaching new textbooks – Teacher must collect/ develop required teaching learning material for effective teaching and learning.
3. Preparation of annual and unit cum lesson plans collecting conceptual matters in depth from resource books and from other internet sources.

Annual/Lesson Plan Features:

Following are the salient features of annual/ lesson plan.

1. Teachers need not prepare annual and lesson plans every year. Once they development initially for the new textbooks, these plans will continue for the successive years with additions in the conceptual information and Teacher reflections every year.
2. The Teachers themselves has to read the entire book for preparing annul plan with expected outcomes/ competencies. Further, the Teachers shall read entire lesson and also some of the reference books for the depth of the concepts for preparing plans.
3. The Teacher shall focus on the why he/ she is teaching the lesson, the purpose/ expected outcomes/ competencies of the lesson and shall write in the plan.
4. The Teacher has to think and select appropriate teaching learning strategy for active learning through participation of the children in activities, dialogue and discussion which promotes thinking and other higher order thinking skills.

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