TS GO 4 Reader Allowances Enhanced to Visually Handicapped Employees of Telangana

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Telangana GO 4 Dept For Women, Children, Disabled & Senior Citizen, Dated:19-03-2015

TS Employees Reader Allowance Enhanced GO

Department For Women, Children,Disabled And Senior Citizen Revision of Pay Scales, 2015 Recommondations of tenth Pay Revision Commission, 2014, Enhancement of Readers Allowance to Teachers and Lecturers who are Visually Handicapped.


I, G.O.MS.No.34 , WD,CW&DW Dept., Dt: 16-07-2010.
2. G.O.MS.No.25 finance (HRM.1V) Dept., Dated:18-03-2015.


1. In the reference 1st read above, orders were issued enhancing Readers allowance to teachers and lecturers who are visually handicapped at the following rates:

Telangana GO 4 Enhancement of Readers Allowance for Teachers following Rates :

Secondary Grade Teachers: Rs.400/- pm (Including Craft Instructors)
School Assistants : Rs.400/- pm
Junior lecturers and above : Rs.600/- pm

2. In the reference 2nd read above, Government issued orders based on the recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission, 2015 Orders were Issued Implementing the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 with effect from 01-07-2013 with monetary benefit from 02-06-2014.The Pay Revision Commission has, among others, recommended for increase Readers allowance
3. Government hereby accept the recommendation of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission, 2015 and accordingly enhance the rates of Readers allowance.
4. These orders shall come into force with effect from March 2016.
5. Necessary amendments to the Andhra Pradesh Manual of Special Pay and allowences shall be issued due course.

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* TS GO 4 Enhancement of Reader Allowances Copy Download

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