TS Contract Degree Lecturers Remuneration/ Salaries Enhanced GO

Telangana Contract Degree Lecturers Remuneration Enhanced 50% monthly. TS Contract DL Salaries increased 21,000 to Rs.31500. Degree College Contract Lecturer remuneration hike 50% In Telangana. Degree College contact teaching staff honorarium / salaries enhanced in Telangana. Enhancement of Remuneration order of Contract Faculty working in Government Degree Colleges in Telangana State.

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Contract Degree Lecturers Salaries Enhanced from 21,000 to 31,500

Degree Lecturers Remuneration
TS Contract Degree Lecturers Remuneration Enhanced GO
Telangana contract Degree college lectures salaries raised. The Commissioner of Higher Education, Telangana, Hyderabad, shall take necessary action accordingly. TS Contract Degree Lecturers Remuneration Enhanced GO will be released shortly.

Difference Between Contact DLs Salaries :

TS Contract Lecturers old Salaries : Rs.21,000
TS Contract Lecturers New Salaries : Rs.31,500

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Telangana contract Degree Lectures Enhancement of Remuneration GO ( soon…)

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