Toilet Cleaning Aaya Recruitment in AP Schools 2021 – Toilet maintenance fund (TMF) Guidelines

Toilet Cleaning Aaya Recruitment in AP Schools 2021 – Toilet maintenance fund (TMF) Guidelines : AP Schools Toilet maintenance fund Guidelines 2021Recruitment of Aaya Posts for Toilet Cleaning Instructions released. Government of AP Tentative Decisions taken on Toilet maintenance fund (TMF). In all Govt Schools ( including residential schools ) and Junior colleges. AP Schools Toilet Cleaning Posts Vacancies, Aaya will be positioned for the purpose of cleaning and up-keeping the toilets clean and to set standards. This shall be completed by end of January 2021. Recruitment of Aaya for toilet cleaning, Number of Aaya’s Recruitment in School with Strength, How to apply Toilet Cleaning Aaya Posts in Andra Pradesh Schools.

Toilet Cleaning Aaya Recruitment in AP Schools 2021 – Toilet maintenance fund (TMF) Guidelines

Toilet Cleaning Aaya Recruitment in AP Schools 2021 - Toilet maintenance fund (TMF) Guidelines
Toilet Cleaning Aaya Recruitment in AP Schools 2021 – Toilet maintenance fund (TMF) Guidelines

Recruitment of Aaya for toilet cleaning

  • upto 400 – I Aaya ,
  • 401 to 800 – 2 Aayas ,
  • More than 800 – 3 Aayas

No Aaya shall be positioned if there are no toilets in the school. Once toilets are constructed the Aaya shall be positioned.

Eligibility of Aaya

  • Shall be the resident of local habitation.
  • Within ward in case of urban areas
  • Belongs to SC/ ST/ BC/ Minorities
  • Preferably one of the mothers
  • Only woman in the age group of 21-50 years

Existing/ working Aayas shall continue with the approval of Parents committee if the Aaya is less than 60 years age. ( who shall also enter into MoU with PC )

Toilet Cleaning Aaya Recruitment Salary Details:

  • Salary – Rs 6000 in both rural and urban areas ,
  • Salary Rs 3000 for schools having less than 50 students

Salary will be paid full for 10 months and pay half for two months during vacation.

During vacation also she shall clean the toilets once in a day.

Aaya’s Working hours ( Part Time )

For primary and upper primary schools 

  • Forenoon : 8 AM to 11.30 AM
  • Afternoon : 2 PM -4 PM

For High Schools Afternoon 2 PM – 4 PM

Contract Period

Contract period for 12 months – MoU with parent s committee and Aaya, extendable on mutual consent.

How to Maintain minutes book

PC s can terminate the Aaya based on the reasons like non-performance, conduct Issues etc. with one month advance notice . The resolution with reasons should be recorded in the PC s minutes book.

Recruit and Monitor by Parents committee Members

Parents committee shall constitute the Toilet maintenance committee to recruit and monitor the toilet maintenance with the following members

  • HM- Convenor
  • PC members – three ( Chair person , two active members )
  • Engg asst – Grama/Ward Sachivalayam
  • Edu asst – Grama/Ward Sachivalayam
  • One designated teacher
  • One female teacher
  • One senior Girl student
  • One senior boy student

Tools to be Procured

  • Toilet/Wc cleaning brush
  • Hard brush with long handle
  • Cob web broom
  • Floor wiper
  • Mop with long handle
  • Bucket and mug
  • Spray bottle
  • Reusable rubber gloves
  • Plastic dust bin
  • Reflective Jacket

Cleaning material to be used ?

  • R1 ( with water ) – wash basin / ceramic wall tiles
  • R2 – ( with water ) – floor cleaner
  • R6 – ( without water – Ready to Use ) – WC and urinals
  • R5- Air refresher

Prepare tender documents

Two district one package
Tenders to be called from state
Terms and conditions – to ensure to invite top ten suppliers and top ten tools manufacturers in the country
The delivery of the material should be upto Mandal point

Tender committee

  • Prin Secy – chairperson
  • Director MDM convener
  • Advisor – member
  • Director & Spl Commissioner SE
  • Director/Commissioner – Industries or his representative
  • SPD Samagra
  • ENC RWS & S
  • Local regional Head Sulabh – special invitee

Initially for two months Feb and March 2021 – local procurement of one Mop and one R1 chemical

Training and Positioning

Training manual to be prepared by SPD office under the guidance of Advisor Infra

Cascading training – Master trainers – mandal level trainers. Director MDM shall identify the master trainers and mandal trainers.

Monitoring the program

State management & monitoring committee

  • Principal secretary – chairperson
  • Director MDM – Convener
  • Director & Spl Commissioner SE
  • Advisor Infra to Govt SE
  • Secretaries of three residential school societies
  • Commissioner Intermediate education
  • Program Director Nadu Nedu
  • Additional Director MDM

District committee

  • District collector – chairperson
  • JC DEV – Vice chair person
  • DEO – Convener
  • APC – Samagra
  • DVO/RIO of junior colleges
  • District coordinators of all residential schools

School level monitoring

  • Designated teacher uploads photos through his/her Mobile App
  • Chairperson of PC ( or one of PC members ) also shall upload through App

Mandal level monitoring – MEO inspections and upload through his App

Mobile app shall be developed using Artificial intelligence

An end to end software shall be worked out for this program. STMS portal shall be used for the

Budget and fund flow

  • The State Development corporation shall release the amount to the District Toilet Maintenance Fund ( DTMF) of 13
  • District Collectors shall open SB (Flexy fund) account for DTMF to be operated by the JC Dev and DEO jointly.
  • Each District shall receive TMF in proportionate to the number of mothers contributed from that
  • The DTMF shall be used for three purposes – i. Salaries to the Aayas, ii. Cleaning Material and cleaning tools iii. Maintenance repairs not more than 10 % of the fund in a year.
  • One % of the fund shall be used at Head office towards for a small PMU and for software and for miscellaneous expenses
  • District collector shall release salary required in two installments in a
  • District collector shall put the fund in fixed deposit and earn the interest which can be utilized for the same purpose
  • The Parents committee shall open separate account for School Toilet Maintenance Fund ( STMF) . The Account shall be jointly operated by HM, PC chairperson, Sachivalayam Education Asst

PMU – The Director MDM who is in-charge of the Toilet maintenance shall have support of a PMU for the implementation of the TMF at state level

  • One program Coordinator
  • One Finance Asst
  • One Training Coordinator
  • One procurement Coordinator
  • One IT Asst
  • One Computer operator

Social Audit : Social audit shall be carried out in random mandals to get the feedback which will be useful to improve the implementation of the program.

Download Guidelines of Toilet Cleaning Aaya Recruitment in AP Schools 

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