Telangana SSA Instructions to Implement 12 Aspects in Schools is Mondatory

TS SSA Implement 12 Aspects in Schools is Mondatory & Instructions to School Complex HMs/HS HMs/UPS HMs/PS HMs 

The informed that the State Project Director has instructed to implement 12 Aspects in every schools Primary / Upper Primary / High Schools and School Complex Head Masters

The details are as follows

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  1. Implementation of Read Programme

Every day implementation reading languages Telugu , Hindi and English

  1. Teaching Lesson Plans

Teachers Prepared lesson plans every Subject 

  1. Demonstration of Students in SMC Meeting

How to conduct SMC Meeting Exain to Students

  1. Implementation of 3 Innovation Activities
  1. Vision or Mission of School

Prepared School Plan every School

  1. Adoption of Absentees Students to Teachers

Every  Teacher must Adoption of Absentees Students 

  1. Children’s Cabinet

Impementaion of School Cabinet of Students 

  1. Suggestion Box

Every Class available Suggetion Box

  1. Maintaining CCE Registers

Class wise, Sucject wise and School CCE Registers Maintance

  1. Projects Works

Must Implement Project Work Register

  1. Minutes of Staff Meeting

Enter every Staff  Meeting Minutes in Register

  1. Implementation on Swachh Patashala

Telangana Schools Implementation on Swachh Patashala

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Download Instructions to Implement 12 Aspects in Schools Click here