Teachers Subject Mapping Process Step By Step in AP Schools

Teachers Subject Mapping Process Step By Step in AP Schools: AP Teachers Class Wise, Subject Wise Academic Standards in AP Primary/ UP/ High Schools, How to do teachers class, section and subject mapping in CSE, Mapping of Teachers Classes Subjects in CSE at cse.ap.gov.in.

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Teachers Subject Mapping Process Step By Step in AP Schools

Teachers Subject Mapping Process Step By Step in AP Schools

ఏ Teacher ఏ Section, ఏ Subject Deal చేస్తున్నాడో తెలియ చేయడమే దీని ఉద్దేశ్యం

Open CSE Official website at cse.ap.gov.in
పైన ఉన్న Row లో Login ను Click చేయండి.

PASSWORD : Child Info కు ఉపయేగించినదే

పైన ఉన్న Row లోని Services ని Click చేయండి.

Click On Teachers Subject Mapping.
Click On Sections

ఇక్కడ English Medium ఉన్న చోట ప్రతి Class రెండు Sections ఉంటుంది.

Click On Students : Class Wise Students వారు.ఏ.Section Display అవుతుంది. తెలుగు Medium అయితే.A,Eng Med: B. ఇక్కడ తెలుగు,Eng Medium Wise Students Roll సరిపోతుందో లేదో చూడండి ఎక్కువ A SECTION క్రింద చూపించారు భవిష్యత్తు లో Eng Medium తక్కువగా ఉంటే Rationalization Problem రావొచ్చు.

Cse Website లో Student Information ను Click చేసీ Student Updating ను Click చేసి ఏ Student Section ను మార్చాలనుకుంటారో అది Update చేయండి.

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Click On Teachers Subject Mapping
మన School Teachers Names Display అవుతాయి. ఒక్కో Teacher Row ను Click చేసి అతను Deal చేస్తున్న Class, Subject ను Select చేసి Submit చేయండి..

Step By Step Process Of Teacher Subject Mapping Open CSE Home Page 

Click On Login at www.cse.ap.gov.in
Enter The School DISE Code As Username
Enter The Password (If The Password Not Known To You Then Call Your Mandal Lt-Cell Or District Lt-Cell For Your Password)
Enter The Captcha Code and Then Press Enter 

Go To Services Link on Dash Board
Then Go and Click On Teacher and Subject Mapping
Then Click On Click Here Link on Sections Box
There You Will Find Classes and Select Class wise Number of Sections and Then Submit
Here You Will Select And Submit Class wise Number Of Sections For The Current Academic Year
Then Click On Click Here Link On Students Box
Here You Can Map Class wise Students Into Sections and Mediums (Media)
Here You Can Select The Class Then You Can Find The Students Names Which Are Already Updated In Child Info Site 

Then You Can Map Each Student Of That Class Into Any Section And Also Into Any Existing Medium
And At The End Of That Page You Can Find And Click On Save Option
Please Do This For All Classes Of Your School
Then Click On Click Here Link On Teachers Box
Here You Will Find All Teachers Names Depending Upon That School Cadre Strength
Here You Can Map Each Teacher By Checking On Click Here To Subject Mapping
Then A Separate Dialog Box Opens
Here You Can Map One By One Subjects Section wise
If That Teacher Is Dealing All Subjects of That Class Then Select All Subjects One By One In Same Section 

Do This For All Classes Of That Teacher
Then Click On Submit At The End Of The Process
Here You Will Find Is Any Teacher Working On Deputation Link
If Any Teacher Is Working In Your School On Deputation Then Press On Yes
Then It Prompts For That Teacher Treasury Id, Enter It.
Then It Opens That Deputation Teacher Details and Then You Can Map And Submit 

Download Teachers Subject Mapping Process Step By Step Use Manual 

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