Service Certificate Format for Employees and Teachers 2022-2023

Service Certificate Format for Employees and Teachers

Applicants Service Certificate Format and information 2022 – 2023:

A service certificate is a vital Document issued by an Employer to an Employee that Declares the Service provided by him/her. It is a certificate of Experience given to an Employee upon Termination or Separation from the Company. Employees Salary Certificate Software, This Certificate will include the Employee job Description, Designation, Department, performance, and so on. Service Certificate Format for Employees and Teachers This Certificate also includes the length of Time the Employee Has worked for the organisation.

A service certificate is a Required official Document obtained from the Company by an Employee. This Certificate will Describe the Nature of his or her work in the Company. When an Employee Resigns from Their job, the Employer is Required to provide them with an Experience letter. Service Certificate Format for Employees and Teachers To obtain the Document, an Employee should contact their manager or HR Department, as it confirms the employment service they have provided to the company.

Private Employee Service Certificate Format

At the time of termination or separation, the employer provides the employee with a service certificate or experience certificate. Teachers Service Certificate This certificate will detail the employee’s previous job profile, as well as the time period served and other pertinent information. Service Certificate Format for Employees and Teachers It demonstrates that the employee has experience in the relevant department and is qualified for another job based on his experience and skills.

Service Certificate Format 2022

For private Companies, Such Documents are Typically printed in English. However, Such official Documents are Available in Hindi for Government offices (Both state and Federal). Service Certificate Format for Employees and Teachers The Service Certificate Format will include the Following Information:

  • The Employer Name
  • Employee surname
  • Engagement Date
  • Discharge date
  • Employee provident fund account number Nature of employment
  • Reasons for the divorce
  • Employee performance data
  • Address

Service Certificate for Private Employees Format



Contact Information

Date: To Whom It May Concern


[Name of the company] certifies that [Name of the employee] was working with us from [start date] till [end date]. He/she was working as [Designation] at the time of his/her Departure. He/she Demonstrated an Excellent Understanding of his/her jobs Requirements and was Always on top of his Responsibilities, which Included:

1) [Details of Duties Done by the Employee]

Format of a Service Certificate for Government Employees

The organization/Establishment where you worked will provide you with an Experience certificate. Service Certificate Format for Employees and Teachers It is Acceptable to request an Experience Declaration after leaving the organisation. Transfers for AP Teachers Service Entitlement Points The Experience contains information about your employment work, job, Assignment, compensation, and so on. It most likely characterized the time period in which you worked for that organisation.

Service Certificate 

State Government

Certified that Shri/Smt. [Name of the employee] is working in the Office / Ministry of [Name of department] and his / her services are non-transferable / transferable anywhere in State.

Signature of head of the Office

(With Name, Designation and Office Stamp)



Complete Address and Telephone No. of office

Teachers Service Certificate

Teachers and lecturers have jobs that require them to move from one institute to another. As a result, they must obtain a service certificate or experience certificate from the school principals. This will demonstrate their abilities and experience, as well as justify the work. Here is an example certificate to help you understand it.

Reference Number: 



This is to certify that Mr./Ms. [Name of the employee] Son/Daughter of Mr. [Name] worked as [Designation] in our company from [Date of joining] to [Date of relieving] with our entire satisfaction.

We found him/her to be a sincere, hardworking, dedicated, honest employee with a professional approach and very good job knowledge during his/her working period. He has a pleasant personality and a pleasant demeanour. We make no exceptions to putting him in a better position or giving him any responsibilities in our company.

His basic pay is [Salary details] only.

We wish him every success in life.




School Name