RC 57 Preparation of Summative Assessment SA II & III Guidelines for 2015-16

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SA II & SA III Preparation Rc.No.57  I SSA/ A3/2015 Dt.18-10-2015

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 A.P.SSA-  Development   of Summative-II  & III  question  papers for year 2015-16 -Regarding 

  • 1. Govt. Memo.  No.18398/Prog   .II/ Al/2014, School  Education( Prag.II) Department,  Dt.24-1-2015.       
  • 2.This  office Progs   Re. No.  57/S.S.A/  A3/2015, Dt.10-08-2015    & Dt.17-08-2015.

In  continuation of  instructions issued   in  the  reference   2nd  cited,  all the DEOs ,  Project  Officers, SSA  and Principals,    DIETs in  the  state are requested  to constitute a committee with  DEO, Principal, DIET ,Project  Officer,  Sarva  Siksha Abhiyan  and  AMO,  Sarva  Siksha  Abhiyan  for  preparation   of  Summative-II  &  III question   papers  2015-16.     The  committee   is   requested   to follow  the  guidelines as detailed  hereunder   in development   of summative   -II   question   papers  and for smooth  conduct  of summative   -II   & IIIexams  2015-16   in the  state.
The   Principals, DIETs   shall   take    up   the responsibility of preparing summative- II  & III  question   papers  for  classes  I to  VIII   at  district   level by constituting  expert  committee   with  indentified   teachers/SRGs   at district level and  hand  over  to  District   Common Examination   Boards  ( DCEBs) for printing and supply  of summative   II  & III  question  papers  to Schools.

Guidelines to Preparation of question Papers committee : 

  1. The question  paper  should  be followed  which  is developed  by DIET.
  2. Summative-II  &III   question   papers  should  be prepared  according  to  CCE norms  prescribed  by SCERT.
  3. The quality  of the  question  paper should  be 70-GSM.
  4. The  unit  cost  for child  is fixed  at Rs.3.00/- ( Rupees Three  only)  including transport and packing  charges.
  5. The expenditure   incurred  towards  preparation of question papers,  shall  be met from  the  training  component of  DIETs.                             
  6. Conduct  summative-11   &III   Exams,  as per  schedule  of academic  calendar communicated by SCERT.
  7. The  expenditure    incurred   towards   development  of  Summative-II   &  II question   papers  for  classes  gth &  io” for  year  2015-16    shall  be met  from RMSA funds. 

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