How to Use AP Purse Mobile App Benefits Download

AP Purse APP Benifits, How to Use AP Pures Mobile Banking Instructions in Telugu, AP Purse operators for the campaign change AP purse of 13 banks, 10 mobile apps. How to Download AP Purse Mobile Banking App Download in Play Store. AP Purse internet Mobile Banking App. 

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AP Purse Mobile Banking App Instructions and Benifits 

How to Download AP Purse ?

  1. Download AP Purse app on Google Play Store, 
  2. Register with your name and mobile number,
  3. Get OTP your Mobile and Enter,
  4. Finally ready to use AP Purse .

How to use of AP Purse ?

The app provides access to install any of the 15 payment apps available on the platform. Using the payment apps, people can pay utility bills, property taxes, purchase goods and transfer money. Merchants can use the apps to accept cashless payments.

AP Purse incentives :

The government is introducing Marpu Nestam, an agent, to educate the people on digital financial literacy. The government will pay incentives to the agents who train the people in digital financial literacy.

Features of AP Purse:

  • AP Purse educates citizens and merchants on benefits of using cashless transactions and safety precautions to be taken while transacting online. 
  • AP Purse to help people to perform cashless transactions using mobile wallets. 

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