How to Update your Aadhar Card Phone Number Date of Birth Adress

How to Update your Aadhar Card  Phone Number  Date of Birth  Adress How to correct  Errors in Aadhar Online Step by Step Explain

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Note: If we want to update Name, DOB and Address we have to upload required documents with self attestation

Step 1:
First go to Aadhar Official Portal
Step 2:
Click at Right down corner White circle shown.You will see the window
Step 3:
Click at arrow mark shown then you will redirected to another page
Step 4:
Click at Arrow mark shown
Step 5:
Enter your Aadhar Numer there shown arrow mark and verification code down
Step 6:
Request for OTP to your registered phone number
Step 7:
After entering OTP at required place you will be redirected to another page  like above you can select the fields that you want to update like Name, Gender, DOB, Addresss, Mobile number

After updating the data submit and have to select BPO AEGIS or KARVY.

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Complete information for Official website Click here