How to Apply Vidyalakshmi Scheme 2020 | విద్యాలక్ష్మి పథకం కోసం అప్లై చేసే విధానం

How to Apply Vidyalakshmi Scheme 2020 | విద్యాలక్ష్మి పథకం కోసం అప్లై చేసే విధానం  

How to Apply Vidyalakshmi Scheme 2020 | విద్యాలక్ష్మి పథకం కోసం అప్లై చేసే విధానం : Apply for Vidyalakshmi Scheme : How to get Education loan,  how to Apply Education loan through Vidyalakshmi Scheme 2020. In the past, students had to turn around the banks for loans for higher education and study abroad. Recommendations, property assets and employment certificates had to be submitted. It is still unknown whether the loan will be granted. The government has implemented the Vidya Lakshmi Scheme with the aim of providing higher education to the poor and middle classes. The budget for 2015-16 was allocated for this purpose. Allocations have been going on since then. Get a loan if the study details are realistic. Many people are not aware of the scheme and are unable to take advantage of it. There is a misconception that banks have to turn around to get an education loan.

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How to Apply Vidyalakshmi Scheme 2020 | విద్యాలక్ష్మి పథకం కోసం అప్లై చేసే విధానం

బ్యాంకుల చుట్టూ తిరిగే అవసరం లేకుండా ఇంటి నుంచి దరఖాస్తు చేసుకుని రుణం పొందే అవకాశం ఈ పథకం కల్పిస్తున్నది. ఆర్థిక శాఖ, మానవ వనరుల అభివృద్ధి మంత్రిత్వ శాఖ, ఇండియన్ బ్యాంక్ అసోసియేషన్(ఏబీఏ) సంయుక్తంగా విద్యాలక్ష్మి పోర్టల్‌ను అందుబాటులోకి తెచ్చాయి. ఎన్‌ఎస్‌డీఎల్ ఈ-గవర్నెన్స్ వ్యవస్థ ద్వారా ఈ పథకాన్ని నిరంతరం పర్యవేక్షిస్తున్నారు.

Address : Times Tower, 1st Floor, Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013
Phone Number : (022) 4090 4242 Ext: 3383
Website :

Eligible Courses for Education loan

Inter, Degree, PG, Engineering, Medicine, PG Diploma Professional Courses, Cass Accountancy, Chartered Account, IIM Management, IIT, Vocational Courses and Aviation Courses are given loans. UGC, AICTE and other government accredited institutions and universities get loans for studying.

Loan Provide banks 

There are 36 banks registered in this portal. They offer educational loans. SBI, Canarabayak, Vijaya, Iwobi, Union, Andhra Bank, IDBI, UBI, Central Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, HDFC, Yuko, Deena, Karurya Vishwa, Syndicate, TAAB, Bank of India, Corporation Bank, New Delhi Direct loans can be obtained from banks like Allahabad, RBL and Bank of Baroda.

How to apply Vidyalakshmi Scheme

There are three ways to apply for an educational loan. First you need to register for the Vidyalakshmi portal @ Then fill in the application with details. Finally, select different types of banks. Once this process is completed, the details of the loan will be received from time to time by email and email.

How to Register to get a loan 

Once registered with the Vidyalakshmi Scheme portal, you must log on to website. Request details. A student has the option of applying for an educational loan for a maximum of three banks at once.

How much get loan?

Loans upto Rs 10 lakh can be availed through Vidya Lakshmi Scheme. Of this, up to Rs. As a part of promoting girls’ education, students are more subsidized. However, if the loan exceeds Rs 7.5 lakhs, there should be Surety. National scholarships can also be applied for.

Required Documents  

Students need to attach several documents along with the application to get education loans under the Vidya Lakshmi Scheme as well as the State Government Schemes.

Transfer Certificate (TC),
List of Marks,
Date of Receipt of Scholarship,
Rank Card,
Admission Card for Higher Education,
Admission Documents and Assessment af Course Fees ( If The Mother, Father, Guardian, Student Pass Photos, Parents of The Students Are Government Employees, They Should Attach Their Wage Certificates)
Property Details,
Voter Identification Card,
Aadhaar Card, Pan Card,
Driving License,
Passport Etc. For Verification of Residence.

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