GO 14 Retired Teachers – Employees Graguity and Pension Calculation Formula

GO 14 Dt. 30-01-1999  Retired Teachers Graguity and Pension  Calculation Formula for AP TS teachers Minimum Maximum Service Rules

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The formula for Gratuity Calculation Retired Teachers and Employees as ordered in para 3 of G.O.Ms.No.14 Dt. 30.1.1999.

Rule 46 of the Andhra Pradesh Revised Pension Rules 1980

The formula for calculation of Retirement Gratuity as follows:

The Government ordered that the Retirement Gratuity under rule 46 (1) (a) of R.P. Rules 1980 shall be granted/equal to l/4th of the pay last drawn for each completed six monthly periods of service (subject to a maximum of sixty six times of such six monthly periods) or 16 1/2 (sixteen and half) months pay last drawn or Rs.12,00,000/- whichever is less. Emoluments for this purpose shall be as defined in rule 31 of Revised Pension Rules 1980.

1. Minimum service required for getting Gratuity: 5 years
2. Maximum gratuity payable Rs.12,00,000 From 02-06-2014 as per GO.Ms.No.99 Dated: 21-07-2015
  a) 12,00,000/-
  b) Last Pay + DA x 16.5
  c) Last Pay + DA x ¼ x Qualifying Service Half Years which ever is less.

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How to Pention Calculation:

Last Basic Pay X ( Total Service + 5 years weightage )/66 =  Pension

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  1. My mom. Salary 95000 present (Basic pay +Da) How Much pension Getting and how much Gratuity amount received 38.1 Years Lenght of service. And New prc Applied Date Please. Send me details my email to indrachand1900[at]gmail.com

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